Monday, February 08, 2016

Five Elements Art of Scheduling & Positioning

The Chinese art of scheduling and positioning shaped the very core of traditional culture and philosophy. In contrast with the West, divination in China was considered neither supernatural nor superstitious. The information with which the art dealt was thought to derive from the natural universe itself and not from a transcendent power.

The Imperial Guide to Feng Shui & Chinese Astrology:
The Only Authentic Translation from the Original Chinese
- Thomas Aylward
I do not learn much from humans .. and I have been like this since I was a small child. I always easily learn from the streams of the ancient arts. That is where the Masters teach knowledge that has been passed down over thousands of years.

As a child I was not looking at and later reading children's books. I would get all the books of my family on Art ancient and modern. I would read the English translation of the I Ching by Wilhelm as though it was a book. I would study books about the Universe and the Planets.

For my exams at 16 I refused to study the standard "Animal Farm" but I chose to study Herman Hesse Siddartha and I backed myself up with Arthur Clark's 2001 A Space Odyssey.

I received most of my information and training from the Masters in the Dimensions I call: The Invisible Worlds. I call them invisible because most people do not see them nor are aware that these Dimensions are real and are part of our reality.

I tell you this because of what I am going to say next about: Five Elements Art of Scheduling & Positioning. As the Elemental 2016 Chinese Year of the Fire Monkey begins .. I see and hear the energy. I receive teachings from The Masters.

You cannot just incarnate new on Earth and do this. One has to have connected incarnations and be aware of them. The next layer is that the teachings are energy contact [connection] fields within the Five Elements System.

As the Earth related Cosmic System changes to what is called: Year of The Fire Monkey... I see energy information that also translates into physical reality [experiences]. In the transition Monkey Year I was shown how the Five Elements work and what is their relationship to Cosmos.

What I was shown is an awareness now lost but will be rediscovered.

Easy to understand and difficult to explain! The cycle and transition of the Chinese Five Elements Philosophy is based on real cycles. They are not what is called superstitions. They do effect all of us here on Earth.

Earth / Sun / Solar System / Galaxy orbits cycles and relationships also exist on the Planet as energetic / elemental cycles. The ancient philosophers understood this in terms of relationship of elements. In terms of yin / yang .. strong and weak elements.

Relationships of strong a weak elements is vital!

One example of weak and strong elements is the crane that crashed to the ground in New York as Chinese Astrology transitioned into the Fire Monkey element [February 4 / February 5 2016]. The first day of Fire Monkey was February 4 2016. This is the first year of the metal cycle. You have crane [metal] and strong winds [metal is also connected to winds].

Unusually the metal crane comes crashing down onto the streets of New York. There was an unseen weak element involved. This is what I am trying to convey about yin / yang relationship of the elements that also is balance of weak and strong. These are element relationships.

It is difficult to understand what was the weak element involved because no one knows what happened. In Monkey year metal is strong element .. but earth is weaker. I will take earth element as the weak influence. Wind moves according to physical earth matter. Wind also turns vortex [increasing power and velocity] according to earth / matter.

In this case I would say the weak element earth influenced the strong elements of metal and wind. The earth / stone / concrete buildings created a corridor for the strong winds that formed a vortex taking down the strong metal crane. Strong wind took down strong metal crane influenced by weak earth elements.

I try to show that weak / strong elements are governed by yin / yang principles.

I was shown that understanding of these elements [weak / strong principles] was much greater in ancient times. Something we will have to rediscover. This higher understanding was suppressed [destroyed] by rulers who gradually felt threatened by this science.

Over hundreds and then thousands of years various insecure rulers began to battle against and destroy the written and spoken knowledge of the Cosmic Five Elements Principles. As a result this knowledge became re-interpreted into its popular forms of: Monkey .. dog .. tiger .. horse .. elements.

The original Five Elements Astrology could accurately predict the rise and fall of situations .. and this is why later rulers began a war on this information and elements science. Simply because it predicted their own rise and fall. Everyone wants to hear RISE and no one wants to hear FALL.

The study of the balance of the elements was not about RISE & FALL. It was about BALANCE! This is what I am trying to share with you. Balance between weak and strong elements = yin / yang.

What is the meaning of Scheduling and positioning? It is basically timing [understanding] and action [movement]. You see this best of all in the application of the Martial Arts. You may think the Martial Arts are physical .. but primarily they are mental.

Timing is movement!

The deeper understanding of the Five Elements Principles is related to movement and timing. Primary isolated ego does not want to hear or know anything about this. This understanding implies higher principles beyond ego and self. That is the true origins and meanings of yin / yang.

Five Elements Principles apply to cycles of energy that were expressed to humans as: Fire Earth Metal Water Wood. These five elements interact with each other in positive and negative ways. You also have variations in strong or weak element relationships and cycles.

What was shown to me is that you have Five Elements cycles in the same way you have Galactic orbit .. Solar system .. Earth orbit .. Sun = it is all happening in relationship [dynamic relationship]. Each year cycle has an energetic signature / balance. It is an Inner Systems Orbit related to the Earth itself.

All the elemental signatures of the Five Elements Cycles are like an invisible unseen energies [orbits]. It effects the Earth .. it effects the atmosphere .. it effects humans and animals .. plants .. it effect the weather.

This is dynamic yin / yang principles of energy balance.

The cycles are real .. but how do you relate and interact with each cycle? We are undivided part of these cycles of energies. If we are born into and live in long cycles .. the relationship is within. The guidance is within. We are all part of the energetic cycle. When we understand the balance of weak and strong elements that is another level.

There is an elemental cosmos that holds together and governs our physical reality in similar ways to the governance of the physical Universe. As above .. so below. The Elemental Universe governs: Earth Metal Water Wood Fire. This elemental governing cosmos moves in cycles.

We need to understand balance.