Thursday, February 04, 2016

Chinese Red Fire Monkey 2016 [Metal]

2016 is Year of the Monkey. The first day of Monkey Year arrive on February 4, 2016 in China Standard Time. This day is not the Chinese New Year Day. Chinese Horoscope signs are determined by the Chinese Astrology Stem-Branch Calendar.

The first day of Chinese astrology year is first day of Tiger month. That is the day of Start of Spring in the Chinese Astrology Calendar.

The Start of Spring is the time when the sun enters the 315th degree on the tropical zodiac. The Start of Spring in China Standard Time is at 17:47 p.m. on February 4, 2016.
Master Tsai - Chinese Astrology
2016 is the Year of the Male Fire Monkey. The first year of the Metal Cycle. Traditional relationships of Five Elements Balance in birth charts originally had nothing to do with the animal signs. Chinese Astrology was originally associated with Feng Shui and Five Elements. Chinese Astrology only later took on a more mundane task of predicting fortune according to the twelve animal signs.

You have to see the animal signatures like elements as well as character elements. Then put all these elements together to understand the nature of the energy and the dynamics [influences] to be faced ot to be dealt with.

In 2016 you have Red Fire Monkey [element] .. but Monkey also contains Metal and Water. I wonder if oil can be associated with the influence of Water? The other concern is the mind / intellect. Monkeys are very sharp and fast. Monkeys can trick humans .. but it is difficult to trick a monkey!

These are not personalities .. these are elements.

One is going to see sudden changes in finances [not necessarily all positive] together with changes in metals commodities and perhaps also oil. If I am correct .. looking at the elements involved and their relationships .. metals and water could be the influence of gold and oil.

There is probably going to be financial turbulence that may be good for some and bad for others. Possibly the key element is the sharp mind or the clear mind. Maybe also the stupid mind? The clever Monkey can outwit all danger and so we will probably see attempts to overcome the volatility with tricks.

Not everything is about strength. You also have to understand what elements are not strong because they also have an influence. Everything in life is yin and yang. Everything is keeping balance between the strong and the weak. Between strong and weak forces. Primarily this means strong and weak natural forces.

When life is released in its natural state it is the unseen force of yin and yang that keep balance between all physical forces. The physical forces are Galaxies .. Suns .. Planets .. Solar Systems .. Oceans .. Physical Landmass .. Atmosphere .. Weather Systems .. right down to the smallest atom.

It is not only about the ellements but is more about the BALANCE of the ELEMENTS!

year of the Fire Monkey is also influenced in harmony with or in relationship with the weaker elements. Although traditionally the primary Monkey energies are yang / fire on top of metal there is also relationship with Earth and Wood to consider. If the conditions for Earth and Wood are not so favorable .. this does not mean they have no effect.

What is missing in modern understanding of the Five Elements is the alchemy of BALANCE between the elements at all times that keeps order within matter [order within the World]. Chinese astrology / Feng Shui was the understanding of the balance between the weak and the strong.

How can there be balance between the weak and the strong? Strong will always overcome weak and the weak will always give way to the strong [forces]. In the Five Elements Balance this is not so. A weak force can overcome a strong force.

Imagine that Liver [Wood] Qi is strong and Lungs [Metal] Qi is weak. Wu Xing / The Five Elements is based on an ancient understanding of the balanced relationship of all forces in the Universe. The weak Metal / Lungs can and do influence strong Wood / Liver.

I don't think they are born yet! In the future there is going to be a Master who writes a new Master Text that will show people in-depth the foundation of the Yin / Yang relationship in terms of balance. So much is going to come from the East and influence the entire World in positive ways.

It is not always: All these strong Elements will affect the World.

It is the balance that is always effecting the World.

Chinese New Year Juicing
I got started with some serious juicing. This year I had been drinking almost a liter of fresh juice every morning.

All of a sudden I got super charged and got myself some serious juicing vegetables and fruits. Yesterday I was drinking juices all day [3 liters].

This morning I had as much juice within 4 hours .. after half a liter of my home made milk Kefir!

I like to mix less sweet juice oranges and blood oranges with celery .. then add maybe chicory .. sometimes a handful of Italian Salad [slightly tangy taste]. If I juice celery / apple then I do not add oranges or citrus fruits. If I juice tomato / celery I do not use apples or oranges.

I rarely juice root vegetables - carrots / beets - I do like to juice Daikon radish with orange / celery. Orange grapefruit celery also makes a nice juice. Juicing celery / cucumber reduces the sweetness of the oranges.

Colon detox is as important as the food you eat when you want to stay healthy. We live our lives eating and eating without being aware that the colon is a very big tube. Over many years the walls of the colon can become encrusted with waste.

In the last few days I got really charged up about health and detox. The funny part of this is in Chinese Traditional Medicine Lung / Large Intestine is associated with Metal. This also is effected through Heart / Small Intestine [Fire].

I will be writing more about this .. but for now it is important to be aware that all the organs depend on the health of the colon [small and large intestines]. This is related to Acid PH / Alkali PH .. low oxygen / high oxygen environment. You are only as healthy as your gut. This is going to be a fun year!