Sunday, February 14, 2016

Holographic DNA: Water Oxygen Connections

DNA is internally wired for upgrades [through Nature]
In the last posts I was talking about: Five Elements Yin / Yang Balance and how it relates to mankind. I am sure no one wants to consider that the genetic signatures in humans are unfolding [regressing] in some cases. It has to do with how we use the body collectively over hundreds / thousands of years.

It's like a new car of the latest technology. If you drive the car ultra fast [aggressively] into the ground you will wreck the car. Okay .. cars don't have babies #_# .. but humans do. The next generations inherit those damaged genes. This takes place over hundreds and thousands of years.

You are not going to reverse that cultural damage overnight.

Jiddu Krishnamurti had talked about how scientists believe they can genetically change the human being by messing around with the genes. That attempting to change the human being genetically [from the outside] cannot work. The human cannot be given an "enlightenment" gene. Those are my words.

The reason you cannot go into DNA / genes and splice them up to create a super human .. is because the genetic system is connected as one [holographic] whole. No matter how you cut and splice genetic information the cut out information is going to exist in the parts of DNA you want to use.

Then those DNA / genes have a way of reordering themselves in their own way.

Currently it is not Markets and Institutions that are in crisis .. but it is humans [who create Markets] who are in a long term crisis. Everything humans create is the external world created from the internal world. The discipline has to be inside and then manifest in the external worlds.

People live in [focus on] the external world .. and choose to ignore [escape from] the inner world. The DNA [electrical fields] do not get accurate GPS signal connections to the real world .. because most people are in various states of denial. Internally most humans are in a state of disconnect.

At the same time Jiddu Krishnamurti suggested that our DNA / genes can be altered [transformed] from within. The Incarnate Spirit has the potential to affect the genes through transformations in consciousness. In my view this would lead to technical developments of special alternating fields beneficial to higher levels of planetary existence.

In associating with higher consciousness there are natural compounds that can be used to heal damaged DNA / genes. The Incarnate Spirit is the Master .. and the genes are plastic. All humans are doing currently is destroying themselves. Incarnations are frying out the living electrical fields of their own DNA / genes.

What fries out the genes faster than anything else?
Hatred .. aggression .. fear .. suffering .. greed!

When you have thousands of years hatred patterns .. aggression patterns .. victim patterns .. fear patterns = you have a serious problem! I know how toxic this is .. because when I was born I was aware of multiple layers of cultural behavior patterns within my "inherited" genetics.

I was completely aware of the past [cultural genetic encoded information] .. and felt / experienced those toxic encoded memories as though I was experiencing the anger and hatred NOW .. at that time. I think by the age of thirteen I knew I had a serious internal problem.

Then the hatred or cultural anger seeks a way to project itself out into the today world. Fortunately my Incarnate self was not compatible with the genetic toxic pollution. If you tune into it .. then it takes on a life of its own. It is really embarrassing for me to admit that I experienced this hatred.

There are also levels where one has to experience the disease or the imbalance in order to understand how to heal or correct it. I imagine this is the reason many spirits incarnate on Earth .. to dive in there and heal the collective [inherited] disturbance.

Karmically .. it is often the case that Incarnate Spirits re-incarnate to heal out-of-balance consciousness they helped create [in past lives]. As I said before .. it is not the external but the INTERNAL state that is most important.

The next levels of healing are natural compounds from Nature that beneficially alter DNA and genes. They exist .. but we have not exactly discovered them as yet. One important aspect is water [oxygen]. Historically the most violent areas of the Planet have tended to be low on fresh water resources.

The 2016 Year of the Elemental Fire Monkey may potentially bring a breakthrough in newly discovered forms of "water". The reason for this is that water is a slightly more dense form of air. Humans cannot live long without breathing air .. then they cannot live long without drinking water.

Water and air interact in fundamental ways that creates [supports] physical matter. If the air is not rich in water [oxygen] there may be long term physical [cognitive] issues resulting from this.

On subliminal [instinctive] or active [conscious] levels .. areas rich in water would become historical conflict areas. When the genes are deprived of oxygen rich water over long periods [hundreds of years] this would effect the genetic cellular electrical field functions / consciousness connections.

One would actually have to wear an extra skin [similar to reptiles skin] that makes me think of Frank Herbert's Dune series where the Fremen of Dune wore special suits that conserved and recycled water. But .. that is on another Planet !!

The healing processes are internal .. but we are also biological entities. There has to be a natural balance between the two: Between Incarnate Consciousness and physical 3D reality. This implies there is a THIRD Principle involved! What is the mysterious third principle that connects consciousness and matter?