Sunday, February 21, 2016

Energetic Disruption of Vital Qi [Protection]

Due to a series of events .. I am going to share with you my awareness of frequencies and how they can either harmonize or disrupt vital Qi [sexual life force / kidney Jing]. In Chinese Medicine the kidneys are Fountain of Youth. Kidney essence relates to genetic inheritance that determines how healthy and strong we will be in life.

In Taoism and other disciplines vital life force [sexual Qi] is related to all the functions of life and the body. Energetically this Qi sits in front of the kidneys .. although there are other related channels / connections.

Usually I do not get colds or get sick .. and if I get signs of flu then it is usually gone very fast. Sometimes you have to get sick to understand how to help people. Part of the reason I do not get sick is because I have ways to protect myself with harmonic frequencies. For many years I wore a Tesla watch.

Since I was a child .. and growing up .. I could not wear a watch on my wrist .. I never wore a watch. In the 1990's I was working in an environment of high electric fields. I started to get sick and have kidney problems [even though I drank lots of water to protect my kidneys].

I was getting tired .. run down .. losing inner strength .. always aching pain in the kidneys. I knew it was the strong electric field environment because I am a technician who does a lot of research. I just understand the world of energy and electrical fields. I am also interested in Nicola Tesla's work.

This was back in the 90's .. I knew I needed a subtle resonant field to protect the bodies electrical field from the disruption of the high electrical fields I was working in. I did a lot of research and discovered Tesla watches .. I ordered one. Seriously! That was the end of all my problems!

Inside a Tesla watch is a Tesla chip that generates an energy field compatible frequency to the natural bio-energetic field of the human resonance. The Tesla Energy Chip is [from Nicola Tesla's patent] tuned to the Schumann Resonance Field. It is said is connected to vital force.

I am not making any claims .. because this works for me but I do not know if it works for everyone ?? I love technology .. but I am sensitive to electric fields. Normal medications do not work for me [they make me sick] .. but homeopathy works. Not everyone is the same!
This is the Swiss made European info: Tesla Energy Watches
Beginning January 2016 I lost my Tesla watch. A week before I lost the watch I saw the event take place where I knew I was going to lose the watch. Every day I put on the watch I check two times that the metal clip was fixed. I always touched my left wrist to make sure the watch was still there.

One morning I go to put on my Tesla watch and it is not where I always placed it. I searched every corner for days .. but the watch was gone #_# .. I thought: I don't need this anyway. I am not getting a new Tesla watch.

A few days ago I have bad throat .. aching tendons and headache. One thing the Tesla watch always did was protect me from psychic attacks. For years I did not have to use psychic energy shields and similar stuff including Astral Parasites. Everything gets worse and worse no matter what I do.

This morning I said to my body / brain: Okay! Enough is enough! What is going on ?? I had an ocean of water pouring out of my lungs .. with tidal bubbles. Usually this does not happen to me at all. I give my brain a hard time and demand an answer. You should talk direct to your body .. because only then do you get answers realizations guidance.

I could feel the body Qi was in a bad spin [vortex] .. and later the information came to me [like seeing] that something was disrupting inner vital Qi and spinning this water inside my body. The problem was not my lungs / throat / nose .. but the real disruption was kidney Qi [inner sexual life force].

Energetic Disruption of Vital Qi [Protection]
In western sciences the focus is on dense physical base matter [including microbes]. In traditional eastern sciences the focus was on energy .. Qi .. vital force .. bad influences .. harmony of inner Qi / Jing. In eastern sciences energy affects the organs and the organs steer the body.

Even though we are incarnate in 3D physical body .. all around us are unseen dimensions that also affect us. Just as humans eat fish .. meat .. vegetables .. drink water! In the same way other dimensions [astral entities] can feed off the energy fields of humans.

Energy intrusions sometimes called "evil winds" can be entities composed of energy who feed off our internal Qi .. especially sexual life force. The stronger your internal Qi / kidney Jing .. the worse the evil wind spins will be and the effects on the organs.

I do not mean sexual Astral Parasites .. that is another danger.

I am in this watery whirlwind without end and nothing I do to stop it works. I am getting weaker and the whirling water is getting stronger. Of course it is getting stronger! It is spinning on my internal Qi affecting the lungs and all the organs.

The reason it is so painful is because the energy resonance of the human bio-field is incompatible with the energy spin of dimensional entities who need turbulence to suck out our energies. That is why you could say: Evil winds .. because it is really painful and very disruptive.

On energetic levels what western science calls "virus" are the bio signatures of these electrical or energetic disruptions in our electrical fields and the cells / frequencies. Did Royal Rife capture this shifting energy process using the Rife microscope and is this the reason the US Government shut him down and stole the microscopes?

I don't have my Tesla watch to test this out but fortunately I did have a small purple Tesla Plate. I taped the Tesla plate to my lower to mid spine and waited to see what happens. Some kinds of harmonic frequencies must disrupt energy parasites [viruses and bacteria are energy parasites].

Within 20 minutes I had achieved what I could not achieve no matter what I tried. For three days I was drinking four pints of fresh juices in the morning over four hours and it had no effect. That whole exhausting energetic whirlwind stopped. The excess water stopped [kidneys / water] .. the tiredness exhaustion left me.

The other thing that immediately stopped was the heat / cold phenomenon. The skin of my body was like hot dim sum dumplings and my internal Qi was shivering cold. Some people might say: There are no Astral Entities feeding off human vital Qi .. it is just the body out of balance!

The bodies vital force did not get into that state on its own.

The Qi word is PROTECTION. We need to develop harmonic resonance science that understands different electrical field frequencies and how they affect the human body. When you throw out the disruptive fields then the body goes back into balance on its own.

This might also explain psychic intent and so-called "miracle cures" where people recover for no scientific reason other than family and friends praying or sending light and love. This could push out the evil winds caught up in the vital internal force. We need to learn how to photograph or detect those disruptive energies.