Saturday, February 06, 2016

Five Elements Colon Cleanse [Detox]

I wanted to call this: King Monkey Colon Detox... Because I know people would not understand my sense of humor and the Internet does not recognize HUMOR .. I decided to create a more balanced title: Between friends this is .. King Monkey 2016 Colon Cleanse.

Ancient Chinese Masters understood energetic cycles.

The Chinese Five Elements are energetic cycles. Also the cycles of Earth follow mathematical energetic cycles. For easy understanding humans translated this into simple but complex systems such as the Chinese Feng Shui Five Elements Cosmic Astrology [Earth Cycles].

Although this is health related .. I am going to add this post to the Astro*Tarot because it is all one. One example is this has been my whole life. Cosmos [astrology] affects me and I respond.

Even though I am sensitive and respond = listen to those Cosmic influences. I still see this as Cosmos using me as a communication device or Mobile Phone #_#

I tried to explain in: Chinese Red Fire Monkey 2016 [Metal] .. that our lives are not only about the dominant / strong energies or elements .. and pursuing the strong to become "strong". Our lives are essentially about balance [of which strength is only one part].

I will explain later in more detail what this means... In other posts!

Personally as the natural qi elements / energies change to Red Fire Monkey [King] .. I can observe the changes in my perceptions. What I am saying is that these elemental changes are INFORMATION resources [interface resources]. Each person will interact with these forces depending on karmic incarnation experiences.

I am fully aware why the Fire Monkey energies affect me in this way!

I am not a "stupid person" .. I have excellent intellect. I could easily follow the general trend and use language to create a big Internet following. I choose not to do this for various reasons. In this respect I am talking about power and using strong QI elements .. I am Aries .. I could have done this!

I do not want to take this path and I am guided to avoid that path...

Now I teach you about the colon!
The colon is your gut .. the small and large intestine that runs from the tip of your tongue to the anus. If you follow medical convention the tip of your tongue is "clean" and your anus is "dirty". Your tongue is full of clean bacteria and clean functions of your digestive systems and your anus is the last dirty bacteria contaminated hole of your body!

Not exactly true !!

The tongue is more vulnerable to contamination and the anus is really good at dealing with bacteria. From the tongue you will get deadly bacteria quicker directly in the brain than the anus. Welcome to The Year of The Fire Monkey!

Five Elements Colon Cleanse [Detox]
Over 40 years I have tried and tested every kind of colon / gut detox along the way out of respect and health for my physical body. Age 17 I began vegetarian and for over 10 years vegan [no eggs milk cheese] .. later raw foods .. Ann Wigmore living foods .. colonics .. enemas every week to clean the large intestine .. Dr Clark herbal parasite cleanse .. colon cleanse detox programs [supplements].

I have done intensive juicing programs.

I discover that we have to be aware and pay attention to the body .. be sensitive .. know what is best for the gut. How many people on this Earth will ever pay attention to what their gut tells them? Some pathless lands have small number of beings sharing the journey .. especially when it is arduous and reflecting deep within the self.

I personally will use this King Monkey Year to seriously clean my colon. That means clean and detox my entire body including organs .. glands .. blood .. hormones. Do you think the hormones can get contaminated and be toxic? No one thinks that!

Let me share with you what King Monkey teaches me already after only a few days into 2016 Year of the Chinese Red Fire Monkey... I learn immediately that the glands / organs / hormones are ONE. It is very difficult to describe because science fragments all the processes of the body.

Glands hormones organs blood tissues are all one = connected.

The gut / colon is a major central part of the health and regulation of the physical body. The gut is one organism that extends from the tip of the tongue to the anus. Technically and electrically the organisms existing at the anus exist at the tip of the tongue.

Garlic is one example of this principle. If you put a clove of garlic into the anus you will taste the garlic taste on the tongue. It is the same with wheat grass. If you do a wheat grass enema / infusion then you will taste the wheat grass in the mouth / tongue.

From experience I never want to detox the colon FAST.

Rather than use enemas I now use Magnesium Oxide once or twice a week to oxygenate and detox the small and large intestine. I also use turmeric [cucurmin] in food as well as supplements. Chinese sweet wormwood [Artimisinin] is also a good colon detox herb.

I found that probiotics [including live milk Kefir] and magnesium oxide and more recently self-made ozonated water were more effective than enemas and colonics [long term] for detoxing and cleansing the colon.

Monkey King teaches us that ego [self image] comes to an end. What is Wu Cheng'en Sun Wukong - Monkey King - Journey To The West? Sun Wukong [Monkey King] faithfully helped Xuanzang on his journey to India.

This is not only a story .. it is also a philosophy of: Energy .. elements .. consciousness .. balance. Same principles apply to the physical body. High oxygen / alkali PH .. live enzyme nutrition.

The key aspect I want to convey is that the physical biological body has a slow natural cycle. We humans are intellectually super fast. We want to destroy issues in nano-seconds .. days .. weeks. Science has the mentality: Kill this .. kill that .. destroy this .. destroy that!

Nature does not destroy .. it transforms *_*

Five elements colon cleanse is sensitivity and awareness that the organs are ONE. The heart works with the lungs .. liver .. pancreas .. kidneys and bladder. The glands seamlessly work with the organs. Add to this that the heart is a gland. The heart is the MAJOR GLAND in the human body.

I gently gradually slowly detox the colon .. the entire gut .. the glandular system .. the blood .. and so on! You cannot do it fast. There has to be respect and trust and giving the body time. This is what I learned / was taught!