Tuesday, February 02, 2016

Compassion: Internal Chi Protection

Masters teach me very severe form of Martial Arts!
I know so many people believe that compassion is an external art. Like .. you have compassion for all the people! You have compassion for people who try to destroy you. You have compassion for people who attack you...

Yes and No!

All my life I have people who attack me because I am [was] not afraid to say what I know. I was not afraid to say what I see. I shared my Other Word experiences with people. I did this because I thought everyone could see the world of mystery that surrounds us.

If someone does not see the Invisible Worlds I respect that!

When people try to make me look like a fool .. I am thinking: These people must be very sick. I do not say anything. I observe them and I observe their behavior. I think .. even if I am living in my own world [as they say] why do they want to attack me?

1. Compassion is INTERNAL
2. Compassion is an INTERNAL SHIELD
3. Compassion is more dangerous than all Martial Arts [combined]

Compassion [internal compassion / protection] is not "roll over and die". Internal compassion is not an OPEN DOOR = okay .. you can do anything you want. Compassion is not .. come into my home and destroy it.

That is the wrong philosophy! Inner compassion is VERY DANGEROUS.

Compassion never applies to the outer [outer world] .. but true compassion is always applied to inner world. Compassion is not feeling sorry for something or someone OUTSIDE. Compassion is a very dangerous internal CHI. In its true form compassion is NEVER applied outwardly to [directed towards] the outer world.

Compassion is more dangerous than Samurai sword.

The internal sharp edge of compassion is within and is never applied outside. Compassion is an inner art .. an inner shield and inner protection that has no direction .. no goal .. no target. There is no outer movement. In ancient times that was originally: The Way of The Samurai.

The Masters of Chi were so electrically powerful that no sane human being would attack or challenge them. If someone persisted the rule of the Samurai was: When you draw your sword you kill.

When people .. ideologies or outer situations attack .. there is always deeper inner protection when you learn to apply compassion. Because when outer energies are electrically negatively charged .. this also includes an negative psychic charge. A sensitive person can be drawn into the negativity similar to a magnet.

Attacks in all forms are electrically charged fields.

Inner compassion creates an ultra-field that cannot be affected by outer influence(s). If you study traditional paintings of Buddha you will see this field in the art: The Inner Field of Compassion.

Inner compassion protects against the outer chaos of lower negative fields. You do not use compassion like a sword trying to reform or change the outer external world.

There are universal laws that are more powerful than individual desires. In this sense inner compassion applies its own path in mysterious ways. Compassion is pathless. It is a different energy force. Always new !!