Friday, January 08, 2016

Does Bacteria Also Create Body Fat ??

I was thin .. and after 10 days I had fatty stomach [tissue]
I did not know how to call this in terms of a title .. fat .. fatty tissue .. fatty stomach .. acid PH .. I know what I am talking about but how do I explain this #_#

.. Let me go step-by-step!

I eat mostly Vegan over 30-35 years .. I avoid cheese and do not eat fish or seafood .. I drink live Kefir [I make myself] other than this I am lactose intolerant. I drink fresh juices and fresh smoothies that I make myself at home.

Travelling is different experience...

I am just going to say it as it is: After 10 days travelling I have a fatty stomach I did not have when I left on my travels. So .. I use this experience to analyse why this may be .. like what may be the factors involved?

I broke all the rules and ate out at restaurants with my friends as part of an "experiment". After 10 days I return home with a "fatty stomach" like I have never experienced. Everything in life has a reason!

I am juicing many days vegetables to get rid of this fatty stomach fast .. but the fat grew faster in 10 days than I can get rid of it in following 10 days. Why is this the case ?? Grows faster and is removed slower ??

One reason is body PH [alkali or acid PH].

When we eat certain foods they can alter our body PH between acid or alkali PH .. the acid PH is usually stored in the body tissues at "fat". There is another level that causes the body to store toxins in the tissues as fat. The other level is [acidic] BACTERIA otherwise known as: Food contamination.

We mostly cooked our own fresh food at home .. but there was a certain level of eating out at local restaurants. The local traditional food was good .. but at the same time I later realised that the food was excessive acid PH and was probably contaminated with bacteria.

Acid PH plus bacteria = body fat / fatty tissue.

One part of the problem is the local area has a high chlorine tap water [it really stinks] and I doubt the restaurants use non-chlorine spring or bottle water to cook the food. Chlorine contamination creates high acid PH and allows abnormal bacterial growth similar to antibiotic resistant bacterias.

That is just one actor I am suggesting.

As a result I realise that bacteria can create excess fat through acid PH in the gut [colon] in all people no matter what. By this I mean that some people are "healthy" and some people experience glandular problems .. thyroid problems .. kidneys .. liver .. pancreas issues .. but the body is the body!

I am saying that each so-called issue as well as "healthy body" has to deal with bacteria or acid PH no matter what. I realised that bacteria or acid PH can affect all bodies in the same way.

I am not taking any kind of medications and yet the food I was eating caused excessive acid PH and really rapid excessive stomach fatty tissue growth that I consider abnormal. On one level local restaurant food may contribute to Candida growth and on other level I suspect that this is excessive bacterial growth.

I am documenting this phenomenon to help / warn all of you that no matter what your state of "health" .. there are external contributing factors to be aware of. If someone takes medications and they travel and eat certain foods [not home made] .. depending on the local environment these foods may be acid PH [bacteria contaminated].

Now .. acid PH and bacteria contamination are one and the same...

You have to be aware and ask: What triggers a reaction?

The physical body is ONE COMPLETE WHOLE .. and any reaction [no matter what your state of health] may be a result of other factors as part of the complete whole of the body interacting with the environment. The total environment can be water [quality] .. air .. food [quality] .. bacteria [contamination] .. low quality nutrition and acid or alkali PH.

I personally know [from reaction of my own body] that the acid PH [restaurant food] is not enough to have caused this rapid 10 day growth in fatty tissue. When the body stores fat in the tissues that cannot be detoxed fast enough.

My personal assessment is that there is an added element of bacterial contamination [also acid PH] that the body could not detox as fast as it was flooding in. If you have so-called "health" issues?

Just be aware of your environment .. what you eat .. where you eat and within 24 hours how your body reacts. Do not assume that your body reactions are set in time and space. Be aware that the body is a living in-the-now zone that interacts with the surrounding environment including what you drink and what you eat.

Day to day do you eat or drink acid PH or alkali PH .. bacterial contamination or pure foods? I don't know the answers! I share with you once I have found solution to my new fatty stomach... I search for solution now!