Saturday, January 16, 2016

Heart Gland: Quantum Transition Zones

In future lives we build: Quantum Transition Zones...
I arrived back from the future .. working with humans .. teaching Quantum Transition Zones [we designed and built]. I had to teach people how to work within those zones. Now .. back here I have to teach people how to work within those zones within themselves.

Sounds complicated ?? It is really very simple:
We are past the present and the future now.

Just as organs in your body are connected as one = NO TIME: All organs in the body are ONE [one single organ]. In the same way incarnate beings are ALL ONE across the mystery of space time.

Technically you can access your own persona across all dimensions of space-time. But .. like the organs in the body you cannot see or look at the individual organs. It is very simple .. you know the organs are there .. at the same time you can work with these organs such as Master Mantak Chia: Inner Smile and Six Healing Sounds.

On other levels AIKIDO and Martial Arts.

Why do I say this: Because the organs are very disciplined. The organs manage the Chi [Qi] Life Force. The organs cannot mess around or go out of balance .. because then we REALLY get to know they are there when things go out of balance. There is also one very ancient knowledge that has been lost or that others keep secret as part of their teachings.

The secret is the organs function together as one undivided whole.

All the organs in your body grew out of one cell or one primal cell. Well guess what? The original creator cell is inside every organ. The original cells are still there but their origin is hidden in the separation of creating [forming] a complete organism such as plant animal human.

The primal cell has the connections all over the body. That cell is the life primal force [connector]. This creator cell is not divided into liver function .. kidney function .. gland function .. heart function .. pancreas function .. sexual function .. bladder function .. brain function. This primal cell is not divided at all. I know that might be hard to grasp or understand.

The Governor Channel Cell
In Chinese Traditional Medicine there is what is called a Governing Vessel or Governing and Conception Vessels also known as the Microcosmic Orbit. The Governing Vessel Channel is the back (spine) and the Creation Vessel Channel is the front (yin).

This was described in the Su Wen that both Conception and Thrusting vessels control the life cycles every 7 years for women and every 8 years for men. It is the changes taking place in these vessels at those intervals that promote the major alterations in our lives.
The Conception and Governing vessels are like midnight and midday, they are the polar axis of the body ... there is one source and two branches, one goes to the front and the other to the back of the body ... When we try to divide these, we see that yin and yang are inseparable. When we try to see them as one, we see that it is an indivisible whole. - Li Shi-zhen (16th Century)
As every cell in the human body evolved out of one primal cell .. then the primal cell signature has to exist within all the processes of the body. I am not talking about stem cells! The organs are slightly different as they have key primary functions. The organs direct all processes with the physical body. Then .. add to this that the heart is a gland.

I was working with a Qi Master related to the endocrine system / endocrine glands and the heart. I knew from Candida overgrowth and leaky gut that once the fungus passes through the gut [colon walls] into the body it wreaks havoc inside the glandular system. As a result what happened to me is I got pressure in [behind] my eyes and I was losing weight or gaining weight with no change in diet and my heart was misbehaving.

Two major areas in my body were being affected: The entire glandular system and my heart. I would wake up at night knowing where every gland was in my body because I could feel the internal pressure. Together with this I was having strange irregularities inside my heart. You cannot describe how it feels as it is so weird.

Using Inner Awareness [consciousness] I was able to slowly .. over time .. piece the whole puzzle together. I did this by moving beyond fear. Before this - through my life - I was always helping and supporting my family friends and animals [the outer]. To overcome physical fear I had to turn around and pay attention to my own body [its inner intelligence].

I had to have compassion for the body .. and learn to work with my own body intelligence. I had been living [had incarnate] within my body and I was using intelligent energy fields to protect support and work with others .. and I could easily do this because it was spirit navigation awareness [also from other lives].

I passed through a life changing doorway where I was facing death. As death is transformation the doorway or passage was death no matter what. When you realise this there is: The end of fear.

The human heart is a GLAND !!