Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Master Heart Gland: 2020 - 2022

The heart is not a physical pump .. the heart is the major gland.
I wrote in my last post: Heart Gland Quantum Transition Zones ..
"I was working with a Qi Master related to the endocrine system endocrine glands and the heart."
Everyone wonders who this is...
Sorry! It is invisible Worlds Qi Master. For me this is one and the same #_#

Most of what I write or convey [80 percent] is Invisible Worlds / other Dimensions. To teach you how I work .. I SEE this physical material world through the eyes of the Invisible World [Dimensions]. I work with the physical worlds experience primarily through the other Dimensions [awareness].

Heart Gland: 2020 - 2022
What does this mean? The key breakthrough(s) and understanding and importance that the heart is a gland will happen around 2020 to 2022 in this timeline future. Returning from a future key time period I knew that the heart is THE major gland in the body.

The time period I returned from was not 2022 .. but was 2120 [Is that 100 years ??] .. I am never sure about numbers. The basic understanding will spring into the human consciousness around 2020/22 period and will slowly develop from there. The reason is monocular science is not open to change!

I don't know what this means and I did not understand the joke! Monocular vision is vision in which both eyes are used separately. You point a monocular telescope at an object where you can ignore the entire interactive system surrounding the singular focus.

In terms of the heart you ignore that its function is to regulate the entire glandular system and that the heart is central to the movement of the blood and movement of glandular fluids. In respect to this you ignore that the dynamics of movement are electrical currents. You ignore that blood and glandular fluids flow like directional tides using electrical current pathways.

Naturally .. if the heart was a pump one could not feel love or experience emotions associated with the heart. At the same time the heart does not act alone in isolation. The heart listens to and is activated by all the other major organs in the body including the brain. The Chi of the liver .. kidneys .. pancreas and lungs also affect the functions of the heart.

The heart does not function in isolation.

If you go back to your creation point [that is inside every cell of your body] .. you will find or experience one primordial cell. Then the cell divides and continues to divide creating YOU. Stay with that in depth revelation.

The primal cell divides and divides .. right ?? So .. what is inside all those cell divisions >_< .. THE PRIMAL CELL !! If you think about it this is totally genius amazing .. brilliant and so simple!

The body is created and all these organs are created and the body is one and the organs are one even though they appear to be divided. Inside everything material in the body is the hidden silent master primordial cell. I say PRIMORDIAL because it is PRIMAL no matter if it is part of a body or in its own singular state!

The heart is the primary gland because of its special function and dynamics.

The heart can be affecting all the organs of the body sending the love or alternatively sending the frustration and aggression. The issue is that the heart can amplify out of balance organs [emotions] throughout the body.

The heart gland can send the love [resonance] or the heart gland can amplify the negative kidney [fear] .. or different emotions and it is all happening in association with all organs of the body.

Mind / psyche have to balance the emotions of the organs and transform negative emotions. Technically .. if I am correct .. the heart gland has the key function of being able to communicate with and transform [heal] all the emotions in the organs. Is the heart gland a physical manifestation of the primal cell ??

This is a very good question...

This is really complex .. but basically the heart is the Master organ / Master gland and its resonance maintains the functions of the entire body including the brain. If I am seeing accurately .. every cell in the body has a tiny heart capacitor built in. Alternatively it is a Chi function gate or 2-way gateway = yin / yang [in-out].