Monday, December 07, 2015

Secrets of Elixir of Life!

The secrets of the Elixir of Life?
DISCLAIMER: It is not what you think ...
As I said I can time travel through the circle of life. Some people think that the past is behind us and the future is ahead of us. The truth is that all of life is one big circle and that whole circle affects us now.

If there was a Utopia thousands of years ago and we are heading into a future conflict? How can we imagine that things are progressing and advancing? Where would you rather go if you had a choice: Into nuclear war or into a society that is highly advanced and beyond conflict.

The first filter on your awareness after being born on Earth are the many layers of the past [memory] and the attached self-image ego that develops and lives inside all those personal and collective memories [past experiences]. If you live only within those limitations of self you become like a small fruiting body [mushroom] that grows from the collective mycelium pathways of human genetic base system.

I cannot eat mushrooms or fungi because they cause allergy reactions in my gut... There are different layers of conscious awareness other than base level. Just as in Nature there are common mushrooms and there are rare and powerful mushrooms. In the same way [throughout history] there has been common self awareness and a secret priest order who seek some form of higher enlightenment.

After the fall of Mu Lemuria and Atlantis the secret order of priests looked to more rare psychoactive fungi to allow them to attain higher levels of awareness and higher levels of consciousness .. where the base collective self were forbidden to search and achieve these rare states of mind.

The elusive Amanita Muscaria [Magic Mushroom] cannot be seeded or grown productively in human created environments. This fungi is one example of a rare mycelium strata beyond base general levels of physical material self. The ancient priest class [after the fall of Atlantis] sought [struggled] to maintain some kind of higher level of awareness using the rare strata of conscious [psychoactive] mycelium network.

Amanita Muscaria refuses to grow anywhere other than where it chooses to grow!

One part of the secret of psychoactive mushrooms is that the compounds activate dormant connector neurons inside the brain. Higher consciousness activity within the mind is triggered by psychoactive chemicals within specific fungi .. but the experience of altered awareness are pathways already existing within the secret pathways of the body. As a result there can be distorted dis-harmonic experiences leading to power-up self [ego].

The gateway of Initiation leads always back to: The Self .. who you are .. why you are who you are .. how you live your life .. why you live the way you do [lifetime after lifetime]. In Ufology circles it is popular to talk about: The Breakaway Civilisation .. when in reality this is simply the breakaway SELF.

One example is that you cannot act against Nature. There are certain rules to the functioning and order of physical 3D existence including mind and psyche. Let us say small "elite" groups attempt to move to safe [alternative] worlds leaving behind Earth [Planets] destroyed by nuclear war .. right ??

Of course such groups cannot exist without the hidden layers of mycelium consciousness out of which they have grown. So .. what do you think they take with them? They take everything from the past [unresolved] as it is .. including the destruction of the Earth. What do you think haunts them in this "other world" hi-tech escape .. EXACTLY THAT.

The breakaway SELF is the fruiting body that depends on the entire existence of that total-consciousness mycelium network beyond space-time. There is no escape .. you just plant the network somewhere else. There is no escaping who you are and why you are who you are. There is no escaping ONESELF. It does not matter where you go .. the SELF goes with you in its ENTIRETY.

What I am trying to say is that psychoactive ENLIGHTENMENT is not guaranteed on spiritual levels in higher spiritual terms. As a result [historically] the world of mankind experienced good experiences and bad experiences according to the nature of individuals using these [psychoactive] plants to gain power or control over EVENTS .. or seeking control of THE FUTURE.

The mind .. the intentions .. the fears connected to desire for power .. the compassion or humility and the love all influence the experience of psychoactive presence once used within the original schools of Initiation [that was a long time ago]. They used these psychoactive fungi to weed out potential psychopaths who only have their own interests at stake. So .. the INITIATION was the weeding out process of undesirable forces.

Secrets of Elixir of Life!
Everyone is searching in the wrong places .. looking in the physical material world for answers only to be found inside. The journey is inside .. the path is inside .. the knowledge is inside .. the foundation is inside .. the solution is inside ONESELF.

No physical material 3D form is immortal or eternal.
The answer to this mystery is ONESELF.

For many tens of thousands of years we knew the answers to the Elixir of Life. It was not something that gave "the gods" eternal physical life. The Elixir gave the physical body youthful ability only until the eventual ending of the incarnation. Physical matter is designed to begin and end no matter what! Even if this is a time span of a thousand to three thousand years. There is entry and there is exit.

This is the cycle of physical existence. So .. get used to it !!

I was working with the future and they have direct connection with the past. In this sense the past and the future are the present NOW. When I returned I had the answer to this question of an ancient Elixir that was used by our ancestors to rejuvenate the cells of the physical body.

The so-called Elixir was [is] a deep cellular detox >_+
[You heard it here first !!! Okay !!! ]

I am not kidding around .. this is true! All paths of ancient rejuvenation rivers were said to meet at a place where the WATERS of LIFE could be found .. that rejuvenated the cells of the body [there were many locations] and this was one of the places where they produced [I am laughing] .. where they produced these LIVING WATERS !!!

Just like you go to an oil terminal to pick up oil today .. the people of the past and the future go to a location to pick up the WATERS of LIFE [being produced] at key locations. They are creating a very special way of cleaning impurities from the cells at all levels of the body.

You have cells in your body that current science does not know exists and if they knew they would not understand the capacity and nature of those cells #_# .. [It is true] .. and we currently cannot create this cell rejuvenation water [technique] .. but they could create it in the distant past and they can create it in the future.

So simple and so powerful ... DUH !!

The physical body cells will function more efficiently and will absorb nutrients more efficiently when they are REJUVENATED .. which means when the cells have been cleaned .. when the cells have been detoxified .. when all the contaminants have been removed. Then the cells are young again.

Like .. you cannot stuff high grade NUTRITION into old contaminated [toxic] cells .. right ?? Just stop and take some time to think about this. Think about feeding fresh clean drinking water into a toxic contaminated sewage sludge.

The secret of life is cellular DETOXIFICATION. Rejuvenation is its non-toxic state. Out of respect I would like to give thanks to my past and future incarnations in collaborating with this post !! Thank you so much...