Saturday, July 05, 2014

Creating Space Between Sensation & Desire

What is inner space between sensation and desire?
.. Inner space is Qi.

It was the teachings of Jiddu Krishnamurti that allowed me to find [create] my own inner space between contact - sensation and desire [REACTION]. Humans do not yet understand the original energy of desire. The energy of desire is neither good nor bad .. it simply is what it is.

When you switch on your computer or tablet .. you can use this tool to do harm or you can use this tool to inspire people and do good. Otherwise you can simply use the tool [which requires energy] to function in this world and get things done [neutral]. We have potential for force aggression .. we have potential use for compassion and we have potential use of generally neutral. It is the same with energy of desire.

I saw recently information where "experts" used this teaching of Krishnamurti without acknowledging the source .. and they wrongly stated that THERE IS a SPACE between stimulation and desire. All you have to do is to be aware of the space between stimulation and desire [reaction].

What Krishnamurti pointed out to people is that the human reacts INSTANTLY to stimulation and rather than action we have REACTION = the space does not exist .. meaning that we have to create that space. I have been there .. I have done it and I know that it works! Reaction is faster than thought and it is intelligence [awareness] that creates the space between auto-pilot sensation-reaction.

Desire is not of itself a problem .. but how we use desire!

Creating Space Between Sensation & Desire
Human emotions turn on a never ending circle with no apparent logic or reason behind each reaction and the effects this has on our minds and our bodies. Apparently contact-sensation creates reaction [desire]. But .. be aware that the vessel [the temple of man] is already set to follow a number of reactions in multiple out-of-control variations.

Reactions are the interface humans have as part of connecting with and interacting with the environment. When in danger the psyche has to react .. does react in multiple ways. I taught myself to stay calm no matter what .. but I had to work hard to pass through the Inner Temple of Initiation.

The reason the Inner Temple is set up this way is because Universe places each vibration at its primary associated level. When incarnate spirit accepts the auto-pilot setting and ego-self functions within those settings .. that determines the spirits Universal vibration level.

Recently the Masters told me to "slow down" ...
I have no idea what they are talking about .. but I will figure it out !!
The first rule of the self is to be aware that all experiences take place inside. The experiences and reactions may be set off through outer interactions .. but the outer influence is essentially irrelevant to the Masters of Inner Space.

When you create a space [awareness] between contact sensation and reaction .. this is a deeper form of Inner Martial Arts. From what I understand so far about "slowing down" is that with that deeper pool of consciousness is movement faster than thought and probably faster than light.

When you create space between sensation and reaction it does not mean you move like a tortoise! When you observe the Masters they are very fast beyond time and yet they appear to have made no move at all. The same principle applies to how you inwardly react to stimulus and energy of desire.

When you apply inner silent awareness [observation] you are moving much faster than reaction and thought. At the same time by creating space you are inwardly slowing down time-space. When the mind remains on the energy interaction surface of the life-force pool .. then all a human being experiences are non-stop impulse reactions. This is the way the primary human interface was designed.

Incarnate spirits who accept auto-pilot primary impulse interactions .. that is what they get lifetime after lifetime. A true Master can overcome any primary restrictions at birth and re-create his / her own incarnation. Cheating is not allowed = the Universe will not allow scientists to create a super advanced master race !!

Let me go back to the illusion of "emotional contagion". Let's say I put together a team of manipulators to create illumination of Nirvana across all social networks! Key words cause instant enlightenment of the people who use social networks!

Ha! Ha! Hahaha! Hahaha!

What I am trying to say is that we all swim at the depths suited to our own inner characters. If you try to drag surface fish to the deeper depths then you will instantly kill them. Humans are not experiencing "manipulation" .. but humans are experiencing their own inner reactions at any point in time and space.

I am not afraid of manipulation .. I am afraid of my own inner stupidity!

To get to higher levels you have to be aware of how stupid you are... If you study Tibetan and Buddhist art you see many representations of "demons" .. and those beings have many forms and many functions. I am not a student of Tibetan philosophy .. but I like timeless visual art language.

Many people misunderstand the Tibetan Demons and they imagine that the people are worshiping dark entities and non-human entities. Hey! Guess what! Earth humans came from higher non-human sources. For example .. humans breed plants and vegetables .. humans also breed animals and influence the genetic signatures of these life forms. Therefore, many animals and plants on Earth today are creations of non-plant and non-animal interventions !!

Humans are a complex mixture of many different forces.

When someone attacks you and you instantly react .. that lower energy drags you onto their level. The attacker is at a lower energy level and they are that which they project onto the world around them. They also seek to have higher energy level .. but they do not do the inner work to pass through to higher energy levels. They attack those who have done the work and who have high energy levels.

When you create space there is nothing to hit!

Cats are very good examples of inner and outer space. There is one funny situation where bad ninja cat is biting the audio cables attached to the Panasonic DVC30 as we were filming. We try to catch the cat to stop him biting the thin audio cables. The cat creates SPACE. The cat jumps and spins and twirls so that all we catch is empty space. I hope that makes sense !!

The Ancient Masters were able to alter reality in the same way cats alter reality. They could apparently defy gravity. They could restrain matter without physical movement. They could go deeper into the energy center where consciousness alters space and time. Or .. deeper space-time alters consciousness!