Saturday, July 12, 2014

Can Raw Potato Heal Tissue Inflammation?

In my lifetime i experienced two types of spinal .. connective tissue injury and pain: One type of spinal injury [pain] is when I lift something heavy and/or turn in the wrong way too quickly for my body to support the weight and the movements.

The other type of spinal [connective tissue injury] is an internal inflammation / allergy reaction that comes from the gut and effortlessly spreads out into the kidneys .. liver .. pancreas and essential ligaments connecting the bones [in my experience].

I never drink coffee! I don't even like coffee! That tastes moldy! For some strange reason I go out and I buy ground Organic [Fair Trade] coffee and I drink it... One of the reasons I do not drink coffee is because I generally do not use sugar and I do not like sweets or desserts. I have to put a load of sugar into a cup of coffee to mask the horrible taste! This is my own personal experience.

I drink this Organic [ground] Coffee day-1 .. day-2 .. day-3 and so on! The funny part is that I do not even like the taste of coffee. Plus .. this is the only recent change I make in my diet that is mainly mold contamination and allergy free.

How do I define: Mold contamination and allergy free .. for my diet?

I do not eat bread of any kind. I do not eat mushrooms. I avoid yeast products. I avoid sugar [including artificial sweeteners]. I do not drink sugary drinks. I stopped eating fruits [I may explain later in another post] .. I try to eat a mostly high vegetable water diet. I prefer to drink non-sweetened herb teas that I gather myself fresh from the local environment.

Allergy reactions [in my own experience] do not take place as a result of the physical food and fruits I eat / consume .. but they happen INTERNALLY as a reaction to mold / yeast / fungal / pesticide contamination of foods. I have also experienced eating ORGANIC fruit .. that later cause allergy / gut reaction .. and so maybe we are back to mold-fungi contamination ??

Can Raw Potato Heal Tissue Inflammation?
I want to share with you my own personal experience and my own personal solutions from my recent yeughy coffee .. allergy reaction .. and stomach gut upset that within 24 hours later spread out to the connective tissues of my spine and connective tissue between the ribs .. all of which I 80 percent reduced using grated RAW POTATO *-)

Step-by-step I will share with you the bad symptoms in my gut and in my body after drinking this moldy tasting coffee that I masked with 2 teaspoons of sugar to be able to drink it down. First was my stomach [acid] and then was my gut [small and large intestines] .. but worst of all to come was a day later when my spine and ribs became inflamed.

I knew it was the roasted coffee .. because that was the only change I had made to my diet over the past months. I can tell you now: NEVER AGAIN .. will I do this to my body. To harm the physical body is [for me] a sign of total DISRESPECT. So .. if you make a mistake? Correct it!

Over 3 days I tried the Cayenne Pepper sticky patches usually efficient in reducing local inflammation if the spine is injured in lifting heavy objects. I experienced when I have a physical injury I can clean it up real fast with Cayenne Pepper patches placed directly on the painful irritated area of my back.

I noticed the Cayenne patches then caused hot irritation / inflammation in my spine .. spreading out from the kidneys. That was when I turned to an older solution = grated raw potato and grated raw cabbage poultices on the body which are generally known to detox the body by drawing out the irritants.

This is simply my own experience working with my own physical body!

I know from my own experiences how to use moist wet healing clay .. or mashed raw fresh cabbage or fresh raw grated potato to remove inflammation from the body. For example .. I use a plastic bag to maintain heat and retain the fluids of the raw vegetables over 2-3 hours.

One could lie down and a friend could put raw grated potato / cabbage onto the back and cover with a hydration plastic bag to maintain the moisture. Also .. during the night when sleeping I prefer to use wet healing clay and a plastic bag on top held in place with a semi-tight cotton shirt. The situation with raw grated potato or raw grated cabbage is fluid moisture.

In recent days I have discovered that when I have / experience a direct physical injury to a joint or spine .. I can generally reduce the swelling / inflammation using Eucalyptus/Camphor salve. If the joint inflammation reaction is internal gut allergy reaction to mold / fungi then .. in my own personal experience .. raw potato or raw cabbage draws the toxic reactions out of my body.

You also have to understand that I know what I am doing!

I have an intimate direct relationship with my body .. and I listen to my body .. I meditate and I ask for inner guidance how to heal the physical body. I am not proposing that YOU try anything that I share with you. I do not know what inner relationship you have with your own body.

If you have a sense of humor .. I find it really funny that raw grated potato removed the allergy reaction in the connective tissue of my spine and the connective tissue between the ribs [associated with the spine] in 1-2 hours. In my personal experience.

I love my body .. I respect my body .. I listen to my body ..

In a way I feel sad that I put this moldy coffee sh#it into my gut.
I could smell it [the mold] and I taste it .. this moldy fungal contaminated yeughy taste .. and as a result I suffered the physical consequences. I like to be aware of what I eat and drink and the effects or benefits that follow.

I try to follow the benefits and avoid the painful allergy reactions.

I also have this vision that "IN THE FUTURE" human beings will move into a higher and more enlightened physical .. mental and emotional state of mind. For example .. I experienced physical emotional trauma trying to deal with a gut allergy reaction that shot straight into my connective tissues.

The gut is connected to the brain is connected to the tissues...