Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Stay Calm - Be Aware - Pay Attention

Remember .. be aware .. of why you are here on Earth?

There were occasions in my early life where I was at the Talks of the Master and I was listening to the Master. As a short-cut .. who is THE MASTER ?? Basically .. the observer [the listener] has to be ONE with the "teachings" of the Master.

I am not talking about current modern experience where so-called Masters are violent .. deranged .. psychotic .. disturbed .. mentally ill or fragmented. I am talking about balance .. about Nature .. love as a creative force and inner cohesion.

In terms of RELATIONSHIP .. the Master is undivided from the Inner Master = we are ONE. This dynamic is not so easy to understand in terms of thought. We currently imagine that student / disciple is lower and Master is higher. This concept is false .. obviously!

Perhaps your inner spirit is learning over many thousands of years or over tens of thousands of years .. or over millions of years. Learning is timeless. One can learn in an instant beyond time from one instant. When the true Master teaches .. they are undivided from the whole. There is no higher and lower .. there is only harmony. This is not Esoteric idea / psychological ideal .. it is more real than physical reality.

I was listening to the Master when a global tragedy happened [some years ago] and a passenger plane was brought down [it was all over the global news] .. and what I want to convey to you is this... He did not comment one word .. he did not react .. he did not divert from the core of his teachings .. he said NOTHING.

This made a great impression on me until today.

I was never a media type .. I never had a Television .. I did not read Newspapers!

Obviously when a passenger plane is shot down in unusual circumstances it is hard to ignore. But .. I am talking 30 years ago. Perhaps a more naive world? I don't know! Everything has changed with the Internet. We are living in a different world.

Be Aware of Inner Reaction! Be Silent!
Spirit is incarnate in physical matter [3D body] and within that body we have psychic connection .. we have the basic ground psyche .. we have basic physical functions of the brain and nervous system [body] .. and we have emotional neurological reactions.

Learning or teaching oneself inner silence is not so easy [it is like inner Martial Arts]. You cannot measure inner ability to apply deeper psyche of the martial Arts. One can learn this discipline .. but one cannot measure it.

If a Master teaches you and defeats you .. because you are not paying attention .. this is energy [inner failure] .. we defeat ourselves. The discipline always lies inside oneself and not outside. The psyche is key to balance and ability to stay calm and in harmony.

Everyone today thinks that the OUTER WORLD is the problem and we are responsible for the outer events. This is because humans have moved away from the depth of the core INNER EVENT(s). Humans move away from who they are. Humans move away from why they are here [on Earth].

There are two levels of awareness: One level is instinct survival where without thinking the body can react to local events. Then there is higher awareness of the inner psyche that exists outside of linear time. Where the physical body = survival acts immediately .. the deeper inner psyche does not react.

I was taught [or I learned] that the deeper psyche does not REACT.
How do you touch upon this deeper psyche? AWARENESS!

Everyone in Western world thinks that Martial Arts are physical discipline!
Nothing could be farther from the truth...

The Martial Arts are first and foremost an inner [psychic] discipline where the psyche trains the body and the mind. As spirit is incarnate in physical body .. of course the psyche trains the body! At all points in space and time the state of the mind [psyche] is most important.

Essentially .. the INDIVIDUAL does not exist .. but the energy / psyche is part of the whole. We share a common ground .. we are undivided part of one whole. For reference look at the Universe .. look up at the stars .. observe Nature .. and look within .. observe your own nature.

To get EXITED and to REACT .. ?? Why do we react so fast ??
Stay calm .. be aware .. pay attention!

Pay attention to what ?? Pay attention to what is going on inside you !!