Tuesday, July 08, 2014

Probiotic Brain Gut Energy Systems

Did you know that your brain and your gut / intestine communicate directly with each other? That the gut and the brain have an ongoing dialogue .. communication of the inner kind? The gut and the brain are so intimately connected that some researchers now suggest that the gut and the brain are part of one system.

We all have neurons in our gut / intestinal tract .. therefore how much of human brain [in the skull] cognitive deterioration begins in the colon? How much does healthy brain function depend on a healthy colon?

I am not an "expert" .. I am simply a friend of my body. I listen to my body and show respect and love. No one taught me this .. I had to learn the hard way through my own experiences. I discovered that listening to my own body [partly through inner meditation / awareness] and trusting my body intelligence .. that there is a much deeper level of communication beyond words / intellect.

Normally we do not use [are not aware of] this deeper mind/brain connection. I became aware that in a certain deep state of awareness that the body intelligence is in a state of ongoing communication with the cells .. the blood .. immune system and right inside the skeletal structures within the bones.

Through my own experience I personally think that each human [spirit incarnation] experiences difficulties in a lifetime so they can potentially provide a solution that benefits mankind and other life forms on the Planets they inhabit.

In earlier incarnations we experienced what is now called Initiation. The students of transformation would be taught and would later enter underground chambers [for example] and could only find their way out alive if they could apply the teachings to "pass through". When the students emerged from their passage .. that was essentially an inner passage .. they were re-born !!

There are many such incarnations on Earth who have many thousands of years [+] of these initiation experiences and have the inner skill and energy to pass through trials and transform .. not only their own lives .. but transform the future of mankind.

What does this have to do with your GUT ??

I cannot explain every detail in one post .. and so I have to cut this short! If you do not understand what I am saying .. then just think: This is crazy ... The problem with humans today is that everyone wants to influence everyone. This influence thing can create such an entangled mess [confusion]. I do not want to influence anyone .. but when I see people suffering I have compassion.

I did not know I had leaky gut and I did not know anything [= zero] about gut probiotics .. Candida Albicans or leaky gut syndrome. Most recently there is a renewed discussion about not doing any kind of exercise and gaining weight. In the last few years I notice so many overweight people in town including men and women 20 / 30 years younger than myself.

I want to share my own experience on this!

I am sharing with you my own experience and my own personal assessment and understanding of what took place within my own body. This experience is in no way a "health guide" .. it is simply part of my own life and understanding. Most important of all it is part of my own relationship with my body.

My basic summary of Candida and leaky gut was that increasing weight was one symptom .. but there were also neurological effects that are more subtle. For example .. experts now claim that overweight people do not exercise enough. I can tell you that when the gut / colon does not function [loses essential gut probiotics] the effect is general brain fog and neurological dysfunction.

I don't know how else to explain this? I was a slim very healthy [I thought] individual with lots of energy and a good immune system. But before I identified Candida overgrowth and leaky gut in my intestines I began to suffer a brain body lethargy = no energy.

At the same time overweight or underweight created the same problem. I gained a lot of weight in a very short time and then I lost a lot of weight in a very short time. With leaky gut it did not matter if I gained weight or if I lost weight .. the brain fog and the no-energy lethargy was the same !!

I wanted to exercise and I wanted to strengthen the physical body .. but there was just this inner loss of power that made any attempts I made irrelevant. What was this loss of power? In my view essential healthy probiotics are all over the entire body: IN the blood .. in the cells .. in the brain .. in the bones .. in the nervous system .. in the organs .. lungs and in the heart!

With leaky gut I noticed that my tendons and muscles would involuntarily twist when I had a so-called allergy reaction. My knees .. joints and even my eyes would swell when I was experiencing these allergy reactions. I know some of you will understand that neurotoxins in my entire body [not only the brain] were changing electro-signals within the bodies muscles and nerves.

Fungal inflammation does not only take place within the joints and bone-muscle root connections [tissue] .. but fungal neurotoxins also inflame the brain tissues. They can inflame the vertebra and the connective tissue between the vertebra and skeletal joints.

In my own personal experience once I had leaky gut and drastic loss of beneficial gut probiotics .. it did not matter if I experience weight gain or I experienced rapid weigh loss. The physical body had an internal lethargy = was incapable of benefiting from any kind of physical exercise.

Probiotic Brain Gut Energy Systems
It took me years to gradually re-balance my own gut flora and allow my body to function within a natural healthy inner environment. The body cannot detox 100 percent from day one .. because the organs .. the kidneys .. the liver .. the heart and the colon have to remove all that toxic waste.

Going beyond the physical cellular health of the body .. there is the energy system! If the energy is not there then the physical structure cannot function. But! What is the physical / energy relationship of the human body? I don't know! I can tell you that inner tissue and organ fungal overgrowth created a change in the electrical signature of my physical body.

I have this theory that the entire body has its own internal electrical frequency in harmony with the brain and the neural systems. It is my theory that fungal intrusion change the electrical frequencies of the body .. interfering with the entire neurological functions and immune system of the brain.

Future researchers should pay more attention to the healthy electrical frequencies of the body / mind connection and the overall health frequency of the human organism. We inhabit spiritually a physical structure that is based on energy [chi] life force. That means the essential life force has to effortlessly interact with the physical material form.

In my view probiotics [that are also a mystery life-source connection] are an important and essential basic micro-connector to sustain physical life and that fungi are designed to break down matter after death = after the loss of electrical [electro-magnetic] cohesion.

I personally was not able to physically "exercise" my way out of rapid weight gain and rapid weigh loss .. even though since I was 13 years old I know how to do this and why !! Even worse is that there is an internal gut / brain effect that just bogs you down and counteracts any attempts to train using physical exercises. You can stand on your head and it has no effect!

To what extent has 100 years of pasteurization [of everything] contributed to the destruction of beneficial gut microbial flora within the human digestive systems? Ten years ago I could buy organic yoghurt from the local store and if I put one tablespoon of the joghurt in milk I would have my own fresh joghurt within 10 hours. Today's organic joghurt is dead = it does not cultivate in milk !!

This is not only about pasteurized joghurt .. but sauerkraut and fermented vegetables are also heated to death [pasteurized] but the soil and the vegetables are lacking in essential beneficial probiotics. Killing our external environment [balance] is also killing humans.

Researchers now claim that certain pesticides are killing the bees .. but no one understand why they are killing the bees! The pesticides are destroying the bees internal GUT FLORA .. and no one gives a sh#t .. sorry for the pun!