Friday, February 19, 2010

Childhood's End: 2010 - 2020

During the time of ancient world civilisations - 2012 AD - the human species were growing upon and nourishing themselves on the soil of Spirit. The growth of human world species was not over a single lifetime, but spanned tens of thousands of years. The principle was the world you create is the world you inherit - lifetime after lifetime.

During the times of Mu, Lemuria and the newest born "Atlantis", the guardian mothers and fathers of mankind held true to a "self-discovery" template born from inner guidance. The roots of this learning process lay in the world of spirit, out of which (it was said) the world of matter is born. To the ancient humans the world of spirit was not an unseen, undetected, illusion or creation of the mind. Ancient humans could communicate with what they called the "origin worlds". The mystery was visible to them.

Earth's decline formed as Atlantean dark priests, later called "the fallen ones", desired to make man in their image. These groups - aprentices in the art of illumination- became frustrated at the slow progress Earth humans were making following the "inner-guidance". They decided it was their place to form human behaviour and decide for mankind right from wrong, and good from bad. To do this they had to rule with "fire". That meant to rule with "fear". It seemed like a good idea at the time...

The "guidance" has no personality, it was not worshipped (although it was respected), there were no "religions" and no dogma to follow. The key to the guidance was understanding a simple truth: The way (within) leads to enlightenmnet. The dark priests of Atlantis were too focused on looking outside, and concerned with how things look. They did not understand the natural organic process that leads to inner awakening of a whole planet. They were focused on power and on the use of power. "Wielding the sword of light".

This same battle today has taken the form of chemical farming (forced), as opposed to organic farming (following nature). Extracting oil from the earth (power of fire), as opposed to Tesla power (magnetic field adjustment). This was a big issue for the apprentice guardians who had grown to be very puritanical and judgemental. They idealised "perfection" and they wanted "success" - as they looked down on all the "frailties" of humans (children in their eyes), struggling to stand up on their own and take their first steps.

A human child will learn to walk in the first months, but a species may take tens of thousands of years to make those first steps in walking with "the spirit" as a mature being with real power (the heart). For those watching this shaky process over much longer lifetimes (thousands of years) it could seem pretty frustrating.

The war in heaven was a struggle by guardian apprentices to speed up the process of planetary development and add their own ideas to the pot. This is what they did. A group split off and made moves to take control of interaction zones between the guardian worlds and the physical world of man. They did not expect their teachers to counter this, as the wise do not engage in wars.

This was a violent take-over, using fire (fear) - a somewhat primitive power that can be short-burst effective but is very destructive when used in the wrong way. Some say that this is the state of things until today.

The dark priests, rebelling against their own race, did not expect to be dumped down onto the earth with less than one percent of their original powers. That is what happened. One could think that was cruel to humans, but on earth another problem was forming... One that matched the power crazy apprentices. Humans down on earth were showing a peculiar addiction to physical material life experience, and moving in the wrong direction.

Humans welcomed the power elite (although it was dark [fear]), because they need to need a father figure or a mother figure in the form of dependence. The match was perfect. The dark priests need to be needed, and the humans worshipped them. As simplistic as this may sound all problems on earth come from this pattern. Including problems of rebellion.

Over thousands of years the elite grew more and more dependant on their "children", including the complex co-dependence that forms in parent/child relationships gone wrong. You have an immature parent who never wants the child to grow up, and you had an immature child who accepts this setup.

In due process the bridge between the worlds was broken (sealed), and this world has progressed through a phase of material obsession to the exclusion of all other considerations. As the disorder intensifies, it is getting claustophobic down here, as the earth heats up with the material world obsession - which is the sole focus of the human mind at this point in time.

For spirit walking in matter to become obsessed with - and attached to - the material world creates all kinds of psychological problems. You have on one side the human species "teenager", who starts to know that they have to go on a journey and never look back. You also have the "ruling parent" elite who depends on telling the human species teenager what to do. Both parties are caught in an internal struggle that expresses itself externally. It is not an individual struggle, it is a global phenomenon.

Higher forces trying to organise human society would be like human beings trying to tell crows how to live. Imagine you want to go in and mess with crow societies, set up structures for them to follow. All this would be alien to crows. Any attempt to take over crow societies would only create chaos. This is not the way things were set out.

The perfectionists have this in-built desire for humans to be something they are not rather than for humans to be who they are. For some reason Earth-humans feel that being who they are is not good enough, they want to be like someone else. They want gods and benefactors, leaders and priests to tell them what to be and how to be... At this point the world is pretty messed up playing that game.

Between 2010 and 2020 human planetary societies are going to have to question their inherited addiction to fire (fear), and its destructive powers - which they seem unable to master. There are other planetary civilisations who have mastered the destructive power of fire, and they don't use it. There is a simple archetypal clue in there for anyone who understands.

The dark priests of Atlantis were not evil, they were just stupid. They did not understand they were aligning with a force that was out to destroy them. The only way to destroy the apprentice guardians was to set them on a path of destroying themselves. To protect everyone they got dumped down here, and have tried to create "order" in the wrong way since that time. By now they see it cannot be done the way they set out to do it.

Order (compassion) comes from within. The flower of compassion germinates within and grows from the light of intelligence... There is no outside force that can germinate the inner flower of awareness, the power of knowing. It cannot be managed, developed, stimulated, organised, restructured. Its nature is unique. Germination is the power of the individual inwardly knowing who they are.

When a person needs to be needed, they maybe do not want those dependent on them to grow up and be independent of them - and to potentially go beyond them. If you think you are more than your "slaves", then you maybe do not want to see your slaves happy and free living without you... Doing their own thing... Living their own lives...

If you look around you and you see the water you drink is dirty and polluted, the trees are dying, the food is contaminated, the air is unclean... If you see it, what do you do? Do you worry about "growing up" and leaving your "safe" little world behind? When the teenager leaves home it breaks up the "home". The nest is empty. The child is evolving on its own. Building its own "cultural unit". New nests come into being. New horizons are explored.

The old Empire nest is rotting away, and the platform it gave mankind is falling from the tree of life. If that rotting Empire is all you know and depend on then maybe it is a struggle and a trauma to see it fall from the tree piece by piece. This applies to every human being on this planet: The lies, the illusions, the deception, the dependence, building the future on the power of fire - the power of destruction.

Childhood's End 2010 - 2020 is the bridge within oneself. The lessons have been lived until now by the souls inhabiting planet Earth, experiencing the destruction of one's own environment, the rives, seas and waters of life. It has been an ongoing destruction over thousands of years of war, conflict, fear to face oneself.

Life is a big mirror to oneself, who we are, what we have become as souls - as spirit beings. The graduation point is coming now as an unseen light approaches the planet. This light will effect all planets in the solar system. It is not a planet, it is a window that connects all realities.

The human teenagers, the growing species of man, will be faced with a "call of the wild", so primordial that no one can fail to realise what is calling them. All the troubles on Earth are a result of humans not knowing who they are (within), and not understanding spirit while inhabiting the material world.