Thursday, February 25, 2010

Dark Serpent of Revenge Poisons Italy's Longest River

As the black oil-serpent poisons rivers and tributaries of Northern Italy, destroying habitat, poisoning the fish, killing many varieties of birds and wildlife .. the media and political-economic interests attempt to convince the world that Prosciutto, and Parmesan production as well as the rice farmers will not be effected. Of course the food chain along the rivers and tributaries will be effected. This is one of the worst ecological disasters to hit Italy - and it is not only the birds, wildlife and the fish who will suffer from the release of thousands of tons of fuel into one of the longest rivers of Europe .. humans will also be effected by this tragedy for many years to come.

The fuel released in Monza, North of Milan, poured into the river Lambro through the early hours of Tuesday morning after key valves in the refinery storage tanks were opened, in what has been called 'an act of sabotage'. The dark Italian serpent of 'vendetta', an act of revenge, has created an ecological disaster that will haunt Italy's natural habitat far into the future. The black serpent winding its way into one of Europe's most important rivers, is killing wildlife and poisoning tributaries with the pollution spreading through waterways from Milan to the Adriatic coast.

The released toxic poison is spreading through one of the most agricultural productive areas of Italy, poisoning not only the water and the groundwater; but seeping into the riverbanks as well as agricultural land in an area known worldwide for its 'produce'. This insane act of 'revenge' is a warning to all people inhabiting this beautiful planet.

Vendetta, [from L. vindicta "revenge"] is a sickness of the human heart that has plagued this planet historically over thousands of years .. but it is hard to understand that a former refinery used as an oil storage depot has no security, and nothing in place to detect open valves and the outpouring of thousands of tons of oil .. amazing !! Stupidity has also plagued mankind for thousands of years. It seems revenge, neglect and stupidity go hand and hand, until their combined disaster attracts attention of the rest of the tribe.

This is a truly horrible disaster.

The Po River valley covers over seventy thousand square kilometers, crossing the northern regions of Italy, providing over a third of Italy's agricultural produce. This oil spill is not only an ecological and environmental disaster, it is also a cultural and national disaster. The fuel will breathe out into the atmosphere as well as seeping into the earth and groundwater, polluting the soil. To try and cover up the reality of this terrible situation is as irresponsible as the casual storage situation that allowed this disaster to unfold.

Lombarda Petroli, owner of the oil depot is claimed to have managed to remove the depot from a list of 'at risk' industrial plants, which would have legally required the company to maintain safety standards and emergency contingency plans to deal with an oil spill.

Just look at us .. we are at war with each other .. we are at war with the animals, birds, plants, insects and fish inhabiting this planet. We are at war with the environment, at war with nature and the oceans .. and we are at war with the Earth itself.

Most of the planet is polluted and is a 'sewage dump' for man's war with himself. The Earth is the punch-bag for the petty human ego. That a small number of men fighting and struggling in one small troubled area can destroy wildlife, farmland and pollute the lives of tens of thousands of people across a region .. well, this is the harsh reality we now have to face. It is a failure of the heart, as well as an amplification of selfishness and a total lack of intelligence.

What a terrible tragedy ...