Thursday, February 11, 2010

Temperatures Cool As 'Global Warming' Debates Heat Up

My theory on 'Global Warming' is that the Earth's climate is a lot cooler than the reports heating up Governmental science. Those involved are going to have to go back into their secret meetings and create a 'review', and they will probably come out and say: If you don't pay our new taxes then we are heading for a mini-ice age ... That covers all probabilities. The climate is getting colder, because it is getting warmer ... and that is why you have to do what we say no matter how stupid it sounds - because if you don't act now and pay those extra taxes - we are all going to freeze to death as the planet heats up.

Global warming scientists like to avoid all research revolving around the Sun. If you have not noticed, the sun is a big orange-yellow ball that comes up over the horizon early in the morning - crosses the sky - and disappears below the horizon as night begins to fall. If you look a bit closer at the sun's activities you may notice Sun events such as 'Solar Maximum' and 'Solar Minimum' .. which global warming scientists claim have no bearing whatsoever on the temperature rise or the current temperature decline (because you cannot tax the sun's emissions).

Is 'global warming' all down to collecting taxes? Not really - the cunning art of humans manipulating humans for a variety of gains is probably as old as mankind. Therefore, depending on the belief systems and agenda held by tribal groups of humans, you are going to see varieties of person-to-person manipulation and deception, extending to groups, corporations, political cabals and their science wolves, who like to howl at the moon when they are full of it.

Those who do not make their living out of manipulating man-to-man are attempting to study and understand what is happening to the eco-system of planet Earth. Ending the use of fossil fuels has nothing to do with the global climate heating up or cooling down - it has to do with intelligence, compassion, knowing when to change the way you do things and knowing how to change. For too long the human race has paddled along the stream of life according to hierarchies of opinion and influence from groups who are good at appearing to know what they are talking about, but who really do not have a clue - other than that they are good at manipulation.

Paying climate taxes will not change what is happening to the weather systems on this planet. You are going to have to change your way of living on the Earth, and living with the Earth. Observe nature directly and find out for yourself what Age you are living in, because you are a living part of the eco-system and will have to adapt to the changes as they unfold.

There will be coastal flooding and increasing Tsunamis over an extended period of time, the intensity of Earthquakes will increase. You will hear of - or experience - Earthquakes in areas where they are not usually experienced. There will be rapid and extreme swings of temperature from freezing polar temperatures in Southerly climates to rapid and sudden increases in temperature in Northern climates. There will be drought and there will be dramatic floods. How do I know this? Because I listen to the heartbeat of the Earth - and there is no better instrument for hearing the past and hearing the future than your own 'heart'.

Thousands of years in the future societies may create wonderful technologies, but they will not create anything as refined nor as accurate as the human heart. Scientists will eventually mimic nature by growing their technologies. They have already started to do this.

The Earth's populations are currently in a period of uncertainty, where the magnetic fluctuations of the Sun and the magnetic field fluctuations on Earth are 'in turmoil'. For us it is turmoil - because we have to deal with unusual extremes; but for the planet these cycles are normal. It is just that they happen over such long time periods that we humans can forget that this is the way it is. We are inside a varied fluctuation right now, that will probably last until 2111. It's part of what you experience when you are living on the Earth.

We are not the only ones experiencing these varied fluctuations. There are other dimensions, sharing the same 'space' who are going through similar adaptation cycles. In the not to distant future there will be some levels of open communication between some of these dimensions and this world, because the veils between the worlds have thinned.

Those who have spent thousands of years hiding this secret so that they could have an advantage of manipulation over their fellow humans will not be able to hold back the curtain behind the scenes from opening up and revealing the background crews, and the technical crews, and the door out backstage.

It is the oldest running Greek tragedy the world has known, but hopefully we will have learned something valuable by the time we come out of this dark cave of the mind. Just be careful when you read the rewrite of the script that plays: Of course, it is getting colder! It is getting colder because it is getting warmer! And it will get a lot colder before it gets warmer .. It's science ..

It is estimated that average annual temperatures around Athens [in Ancient Greece] were two to three degrees higher than today ..