Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Chinese New Year - Coming Financial War

February 14, 2010 is the Chinese Lunar New Year: 2010 - The Year of The Tiger .. However, this will come to be associated with a major world financial war. Not because of China! The financial war is the stinking sewage effect that will emerge from hundreds of years of complete mis-management of resources and trading - by 'the West'.

This coming international financial war has its roots in the dark age of the Kali Yuga, a movement away from higher development of Civilisations, towards a lowering of human standards over thousands of years. To understand what I am talking about you have to be able to use your mind to go into the Age before this one and go into the Age that follows this one - and look back into this time period from those two locations. It is not 'rocket science' you were born with these abilities. To use your mind - your consciousness - to travel beyond-time.

As always, the financial war is based on greed - those who have the wealth, not wanting to give up what they have. The reason they have to give up their social and international positions, is because they are now out of synch with the energies forming on planet Earth. Now, China will not remain 'Communist', that is also a passing phase used to castrate them, and keep them in a small cage. To control their vast wealth of people and resources.

So, 2010 - the Year of The Tiger - will certainly be a year to reflect upon as to how not to carry out financial and international relations. The 'key-words' are: sharing, co-operation, integrity and social responsibility. But these are currently vague concepts in a world that is in chaos. The situation can be summed up in this way: The owners of an international house have to leave, because they have indulged in a life-style that no longer allows them to continue to live in that house. But, rather than vacate the house to someone who can organise it better, these institutions would rather destroy the house and leave nothing behind.

The problem is the planetary house does not belong to one family, although it has been occupied by a petty 'stream of consciousness' for thousands of years - and that stream of consciousness is primitive, barbaric, violent, self-serving and totally isolated in its own form of arrogance and self-importance. Now that this petty stream is facing 'death', it has a problem. To give up POWER is death, and this tiny stream is afraid to come to an end. But whether it is afraid or not, it will end.

The reason you will see an international financial war in the Year of The Chinese Tiger, is because the beast that has ruled the Earth for the past two thousand years does not want stand aside and give up all that it owns. Which is an illusion, as we cannot take ownership of a transient physical/material experience.

These people are used to using terror to get their own way, and already they have begun to stand up and rock the boat .. 'If you do not do what we say everyone will drown.'

The fact is that everyone will not drown.

This is an opportunity for human beings all over this planet to discover the real qualities of a 'tiger' - a consciousness which is powerful and fast, intelligent and agile, cunning and silent. The tiger does not carelessly use its power in an arrogant way. It does not kill unless it needs to. It conserves its power until it has the advantage. It eats what it needs and leaves nature to provide the rest. The tiger is pure 'resource management' .. courage ..

You have to be able to know when is the right time to move and when is the right time to wait and observe. The tiger is part of nature, not separate from nature. Therefore, nature is its ally.

Nothing in nature grows at an all consuming speed unless it is an Atomic explosion, and therefore any desire to consume all resources and to own dramatically ever increasing sources of wealth is unnatural. The desire to destroy is built into the desire to have supreme wealth - you cannot have one without the other - both are born out of selfishness.

All one can do is make sure that greed and desire for power are inwardly extinguished even as many crumbling institutions around the planet may be destroyed by the flames of their own selfishness. Human consciousness also has a planetary life cycle (unfolding over longer periods of time). Each time the egg is reborn, out of the ashes of civilisations comes a new child.