Friday, January 15, 2010

Mayan Elder: Leave Our Calendar Alone!

Mayan Elder Don Alejandro Perez Oxlaj asks "13 Moon Dreamspell" Jose Arguelle, The United Nations and the Vatican to leave the Mayan Calendar alone, and to stop confusing people by telling them things that are not true.

Don Alejandro explains how Jose Arguelle visited the Mayan Elders, to tell them he wanted to change the Mayan Calendar and adapt it to his 13 Moon Calendar. Don Alejandro reveals that before Jose Arguelle visited the Mayan Elders he first asked permission from the United Nations, and then he visited the Pope in the Vatican to ask permission to change the Calendar. '- ) Ooops!

Elder Don Alejandro says: Please leave our Mayan Calendar alone, because you are not Maya and you do not know or understand the language of these things. He also asks the Vatican to return some artifacts they have that belong to the Maya, which the Vatican have taken from them and keep hidden. [Interview by Dr. Carl Johan Calleman]

Perhaps now you see that elitists who want to be at the top and tell all the people of the world what to do, what to think and what to believe will change their colours to whatever new form of energy they think Earth humans will listen to. These misguided individuals do not care about anything other than their own position, their own wealth and their own power. The last time they changed their colours was during the decline of the Roman Empire, where they saw the opportunity to be the 'rulers' of the next cycle, and so they manufactured a world religion and exchanged Roman deities for Roman Catholic deities. Maybe now they consider changing to wear feather robes, and exchange their control base to a Mayan Feathered Serpent.

This approaching cycle, of which we are now in transition, is not of an energy that will allow deception to rule the world. This is not a cycle of the weak-mind or of the weak-heart. This coming cycle is of an energy for people to work hard inside themselves, and to find strength inside themselves. Mankind cannot be enslaved inside this cycle, the way they allowed themselves to be enslaved through the last two cycles.

Any planetary control base who wants to dumb down the rest of the species just to have an army of slaves, such idiots are themselves 'dumb'. You would have to be degenerated and stupid to try and dull the minds of a whole species, when your own mind is part of the species you are trying to dumb down. If you work to make people stupid, it is only because you yourself are stupid.

To understand the subtlety of this you have to understand the way the human brain works. The words used by one person to control another do not go unregistered by the anatomical brain of the person actively trying to mind control others. This is complex, and so you have to be able to think backwards to really understand how dangerous this is. The brain of the 'conditioner' is conditioned by his/her attempts to deceive or control others.

The brain/mind of the conditioner is also conditioned by the words used to control other people. They are not free of their own conditioning structures. The 'elite' are no more intelligent than the masses they condition. ONLY when you are OUTSIDE of the conditioning do you move on other levels unrelated to the limitations of thought.

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