Friday, January 01, 2010

Roman 'New Year' 2010 Astrology

Sun in Capricorn direct
Moon in Cancer direct
Mercury in Capricorn retrograde
Venus in Capricorn direct
Mars in Leo retrograde
Jupiter in Aquarius direct
Saturn in Libra direct
Uranus in Pisces direct
Neptune in Aquarius direct
Pluto in Capricorn direct

New Year 2010 - Capricorn with Libra Ascendant

Sun Moon Opposition as defined by the beginning of the Roman Calendar 2010 will be defined by each countries internal struggle between their needs and what they want. The beginning of the year is defined by a ‘Full Moon Personality’ … with Mercury retrograde this will reflect in terms of general indecision and loss of focus (misleading) in areas of communication. All forms of communication could be over emotional in reaction and response. As the moon is decreasing, countries considerations will be to return to their ‘roots’ and perhaps start again and build from the ground up. 2010 will be a year of struggle within countries to reconcile their differences and come to new agreements. The down side of this is that reconciliation may also take a violent form.

Sun Conjunct Venus or how countries define themselves will become important to them in 2010. This could also mean differences of position within structures like the European Union, as individual countries find they have a renewed sense of their own independent principles and foundations. Russia was unable to impose and hold its dominance over the satellite countries, and the EU will find out that they also cannot maintain a long term hold over the countries of Europe. The difficulties will begin to show with Sun conjunct Venus. Diplomacy will be crucial throughout 2010, but probably be defined by each countries vanity and their desire to hold onto resources that make them rich. This is a time when countries will be searching for their alter-egos, and self-recognition, at the expense of each other. See: The Pentagonal Cycle of Venus

Sun Square Saturn is going to challenge the world. The key word is ‘frustration’. Any small set-back could seem like an obstacle of over-dynamic proportions. The reactions could reflect the personal perceptions of the countries involved. The fact is that Sun Square Saturn is about cyclical, and in this case historical and shared national and geographical (inner) frustrations. So, let’s say ‘local’ frustrations. The Sun Saturn Square challenges us to become aware that the obstacle and the resolution lie within our own borders. It is possible the Sun Venus Conjunction will further complicate reactions, leading to an outer looking blame-someone-else slant to Global as well as local tensions.

Sun Conjunct Pluto could be a positive, although demanding time of self-renewal for many countries and local communities. On a collective level lies and superficial structures, leading nowhere in endless trails of a maze within a maze, will not be tolerated by communities realising their own worth and potential. Under this aspect the 'darker' nature of deception may be too much the focus, and too much energy can go in the direction of 'vigilantes' and looking for recompense - rather than developing new source solutions and leaving the old ways behind. The general focus will be on past wrong-doing, but the value of this energy is really for collective rebirth. It will be hard for countries to let the old die, but for those who do - this will be a time of growth and rebirth, rather than battle and recrimination, which potentially could become self-destructive.

Moon Mercury Opposition could trigger emotional outbursts between continents as well as between governments. With Mercury retrograde at birth of the 'New Year' (in Roman terminology), this would mean that any reactions to tension could backfire in serious ways. On the International stage speech may be highly animated, and mistakes will be made with a retrograde slant on emotionally laden intellect. It will be a time when countries may lose themselves in emotionally laden secular discussions as to their philosophy and origins, where the intellect and heart greatly disagree. This opposition could also be confusing and lead nowhere. It would be better to realise that the talk is just that: 'Talk' and nothing more... and move on.

Moon Venus Opposition could lead to the wrong international partnerships for the wrong reasons, if left to 'instinct'. Countries social relationships are at odds with feelings and emotions. Outbursts would point to within countries borders where the social contracts with local communities will come under strain as the way communities feel is in conflict with the restrictions (as they see it) placed on them by systems, 'function'. Dissatisfaction is the keyword, leading to a loss of harmony and a loss of agreement within the society. If used correctly this will give rise to a new 'social contract' or a completely new replacement of the 'social contract'. However, any replacement will not manifest in 2010. The pressures inherent in this aspect create struggle, opening a Pandora's Box of feelings, reactions and events.

Moon Saturn Square means restriction can cause irrational fear, which has to be overcome before a solution can be found to doubts between Governments and those they have 'relationships' with - namely, each other, commerce, trade and institutions, as well as populations. The emotional child (the people) will view the restrictive parent (Governments) in an unfavourable light. Skepticism will rule the day, and restrictions of movement will trigger potentially violent reactions from the population 'child' living under those restrictions. The Governmental (parental) restrictions under Saturn Square Moon may be due to failing economies and falling revenue, but the populations (child) will not view this in a rational light, they will simply react. Therefore, 2010 will experience social unrest and rebellion as a result of increasing 'parental controls'.

Mercury Sextile Uranus means that 2010 wont be all about struggle and turmoil, there will be a few good ideas and breakthroughs thrown in... again Mercury is retrograde and this means these breakthroughs and new ideas will face delays - no matter how good they are. As the parent State argues with the people and as the people argue with the State, a few enterprising and innovative people will use their energy and focus to discover 'The Future'... to innovate and create solutions - even though those solutions will face opposition and delay. Mercury retro in the Roman 'New Year' 2010 birth chart will cause the creators to go back and review their discoveries. Only making them stronger. 2010, under this Calendar, is not a time of breakthrough nor one of applied solutions. Was it designed that way? Are we following the 'wrong' time code? Therefore, this Mercury Uranus Sextile may trigger the creation - if not the implementation - of a new calendar. New Science and new technologies could emerge in 2010, although their implementation will take place only under vastly different alignments.

Venus Square Saturn will see social contracts and intergovernmental contracts, as well as international contracts arising out of duty and repression rather than out of mutual respect and 'brotherly love'. Restrictive and highly controlled social obligations will force unpleasant and unpopular agreements on the world. That alone is a recipe for 'trouble'. If this aspect comes to dominate social and international relationships, then the agreements will be short lived and will subsequently be challenged and removed as 'unlivable'. There will be pressure and restrictions placed on all areas of social and national wealth. The peacock approach is not going to work. The peacock who opens his tail during a Venus Saturn Square is going to lose all his feathers. It is possible that in this time people, and societies who know how to deal with the basics, beyond the gilded world of social presentation, will excel and aspire. Societies and nations are going to dig into their collective soul and discover their own value during this time.

Venus Conjunct Pluto is the nuclear detonation of relationship. The Plutonic demon of deep rooted betrayal and sorrow could play itself out on the International stage, unless there are a few good Elder statesmen around to cool down out-in-the-open betrayals between International partners. The one hope in 2010 to avoid an deeply explosive confrontation is 'Libra Ascendant'. The passions of Venus Conjunct Pluto are not necessarily based on fact, but arise from some hidden primordial 'ghost' that can be collective/historic. The demons have to be faced and overcome for Nations to find peace and progress beyond fear and sorrow. Pluto is going to pull out those dark secrets and destroy them. Some of this will impact on other nations who formed partnerships around those secrets. Venus/Pluto is about power or the undoing of power. Some serious diplomacy will be needed throughout 2010 with all those nations following the Roman Calendar.

Mars Neptune Opposition and with Mars retrograde, there is a total lack of national self-worth and national self-confidence. Details of sexual corruption could bring down a few Governments and corporations this year. Hidden motives behind the mis-use of power could come out into the international light-of-day with Mars retro spinning Neptunian style resentment. Where Neptune spins backwards on itself the deeply rooted anger can be highly self-destructive. Add Mars (retrograde) Opposition to that cocktail and things could get interesting, to say the least. What a nation reaches for in this time can be a complete illusion and result in catastrophic consequences, as the power opposed the dream. It is a conflict made in heaven.

Jupiter Conjunct Neptune may set the stage for conflicts of expansion conjunct creativity, dreams conjunct good-luck. In terms of National and International relations this could play out as conflicts of ideology taking root in empowered feelings of collective delusion. Excessive idealism can lead to conflicts between Nations as well as conflicts between populations and Governments. The energy behind this potential chaos is an inner dissatisfaction, triggered by impotence of whatever ideology one follows. Nothing that man is promised manifests his dreams, because it is all external, elusive and incompatible with nature. Mankind was not created to rely on Governments, Institutions and Religions. Man is a unique soul whose birth principle is freedom, when balance (love) is the core operating system within the heart and the mind. Any country out of balance with its own inner harmony will fall foul of Neptune Jupiter Conjunct.

Saturn Square Pluto will challenge all societies to change, but how they change could be both positive and negative. War and conflict bring change, but of a destructive kind. Saturn faces us with restriction and with karmic lessons, Pluto brings with it karmic consequences for unresolved self-destructive patterns of behaviour. Has any Nation truly learned the lessons from the past? If they have understood the lessons of their past behaviour then they will excel within the long term consequences of Saturn Pluto Square. All structures of society will be challenged in potentially destructive ways, but in reality these structures had sown the seeds of their own destruction way back in the past. The forces taking them apart are forces inherent in their own creation. It's not going to be pleasant and the year ahead will be fraught with struggle and fear. Saturn is the stability of structure and order upon which the Roman Empire was built, and which was later transfered into the Roman Catholic Empire, out of which the United States and the European Union have grown. The linear restrictions of Saturn also govern the linear Roman Calendar most of the world use today - the Calendar of commerce and trade, production and wealth. Pluto rules the deception behind this Calendar and the way of life that evolved from its use. In 2010, all that may be torn apart as societies search for greater meaning in life than material wealth and security of following authoritarian structures.