Saturday, January 02, 2010

Celtic Vernal Equinox 'New Year' Astrology 2010

The Celtic tribes did not have a 'New Year' in the way we understand it today. For the Celtic people across Europe time was a great river, and the human form was an undivided part of that river. Just as you cannot slice up water, you cannot divide Cosmos into little fragments and pretend that you know where you are and that you know where you are going.

For the Celtic people the Spring Equinox was the time of New Beginning, renewal and return after the ending of the 'Dark Time'. In the Winter months the Celtic people had to survive, and their celebrations around the Winter Solstice were not part of a ritual of beginning a new cycle. They were celebrating the ending of a cycle. They were saying 'thank you' to the cycle as it came to an end (and departed). It was the ending, death, the harvest was stored for the winter and the tribes would survive until Spring.

The Celtic year was not cut into linear time quadrants, but it is a cycle of nature. The Vernal Equinox where day equals night was the start of the Celtic Astrological year. The Sphinx, in Egypt, points to sunrise on the Spring Equinox. The Vernal Equinox is when the Sun is at zero degree Aries. See: Spiritual Alchemy

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Celtic Vernal Equinox 2010
Does it make a difference what time your inner clock begins its new cycle? With the Birth Chart of the Roman 'New Year', 2010 is going to be pretty frustrating. However, for those of us who align their inner-time to the precession of the Equinoxes, this year could become very interesting...

Sun Sextile Moon - Conjunct Mercury - Trine Mars - Opposition Saturn - Conjunct Uranus - Square Pluto: Inner emotions and the outer intent are undivided and clear, the Celtic tribe would seek harmony and prefer to avoid conflict - as harmony and balance are indicated. Hardships can be overcome with ease. The inner psyche and the mind are perfectly balanced. Mental energy is the resource the Celtic tribes will use to navigate the year ahead... Intent is free to follow its own course (like a river) and the spirits follow the natural currents like fish in water. Wisdom is what the tribe discovers and understands for itself. You could call it practical applied 'wisdom' - if it works then it is 'valid'. Innovation and enterprise will excel within the Celtic tribe throughout '2010'. Solutions are key to the mind of the tribe, and they have the energy to apply them. Physical health is essential - health is gold to those who align their hearts with the New Year Solstice.

Sun opposition Saturn reins in the enthusiasm and demands an element of 'control'. Self-worth is held in Saturn's spotlight, and the demand is to overcome feelings of weakness and fear that one is not 'worthy' of success. Self-worth has to be found within, and the solutions shared openly with the world without fear of 'rejection'. There is a sense of 'rebellion' and challenging the 'established system'. The challenges made spring from 'integrity' and a desire to express ones own uniqueness, and therefore revolutionary ideas that completely eclipse the standard way things are set up can push through with Sun Conjunct Uranus.

Moon Sextile Mars - Trine Saturn - Sextile Uranus - Square Neptune: Moon Sextile Mars creates a powerful expression of emotions which are used to bring about some kind of change. On a planetary level this means that events on Earth will affect people so strongly that they will spontaneously push for change in a constructive way. This push for change will not come from the collective intellect, but it will come from 'Mars power' activating people's deeper feelings about what is happening. Without a doubt 2010 as read through the Celtic Vernal Equinox will see dramatic weather and Earth Changes (disasters), which will unlock a deeper response from the human inhabitants of the Earth.

Moon Trine Saturn compliments sextile Mars, as people will not lose their minds in the unfolding challenges faced in 2010. There will be a solution oriented discipline to how people and nations cope with difficulties triggering global events. The Celtic mind will not hide in the dark pit of fear when faced with challenges. These people will respond to danger and disaster intelligently, and almost mathematically. You have to understand that the Chart reading is indicating 'challenge to mankind' while revealing the beneficial influence of the balanced potential to grow strong through dealing with these difficulties. Saturn does not allow you to run blindly into a situation. Moon Trine Saturn says: Look before you leap (even in an extreme emergency).

Moon Sextile Uranus allows for greater independent movement, and therefore we will see a stronger push for Internet freedom, and a push against all forms of Governmental and Ideological Internet - and other - censorship and control. It could be that Governmental and other organisations realise that 'state control' is not helpful to the evolutionary advance of planetary humanity. 2010 could be a year of peace and reconciliation between fearful Governments and unique gifted populations and visionaries. Every power-base fears change, and yet Moon Sextile Uranus means that sweeping change is inevitable. It could be that authoritarian figures die or lose power in 2010/2011 (until the Vernal Equinox 2011), or that authoritarian Governments and Institutions lose power.

Moon Square Neptune, emotional confusion and swings where inconsistency rules. People don't know who to trust, they become suspicious. Populations are disenchanted with systems and institutions calling for their 'continued support' through a crisis. In the Celtic world where there is smoke, there is usually a fire. Therefore, Moon Square Neptune places the mirror in front of you and suggests you become self-reliant and trust yourself. Mass populations who have, until now, preferred to trust and be led by Governmental Systems and Banking Institutions - will have to take a second look at their dependence structures. Populations may not be too happy to discover that they cannot rely on outer structures, but that they have to do the work for themselves. This is not a 'system problem' this is a problem of 'attitude'. With Moon Square Neptune the monster you are looking at is the one YOU created - the monster is yourself. Your general complacency and collective dependence on outer structures created the situation you are in now.

Mercury Trine Mars - Opposition Saturn - Conjunct Uranus - Square Pluto: You will have to learn new adaptations with the aspect - Mercury Trine Mars - where creativity and manual skills rule the way ahead. This can also mean that in 2010 skilled tradesmen and women will be respected and in demand. There is going to be a fast and speedy demand for new kinds of housing and for new kinds of trade and transport. This suggests that the 'economic decline' is a result of established Institutions using their monetary and political power to keep the outdated 'dinosaurs' they produce in place and to destroy upcoming technological innovations (starving them of resources, or buying them out to stop the development). With Mercury Trine Mars people in the know will be much more outspoken and critical of 'business as usual', and together with skilled innovators they will push for and achieve unforeseen breakthroughs to benefit those humans living on this planet now. There will also be innovative developments in building and housing, perhaps also due to extreme weather destruction, coastal inundation, earthquakes and other difficulties.

Mercury Opposition Saturn will cause people and probably Governments to take a good look at themselves and question their own ethics and behaviour. This aspect could also indicate 'disclosure' and/or 'whistle blowers' testimony against those who employed them. People may not be able to reconcile their own ideals with the ideals of secretive and manipulative behaviour. It could also point to a carefully planned revealing of information, an organised 'disclosure' rather than wait for the information to appear in another way and embarrass Governments and Institutions. Mistakes may also be made in communications triggering an authoritarian response from the 'insulted party'. But Saturn has its own karmic reasons for the Mercury square-dance about to unfold. Therefore people have to be patient, not react - and wait until the square-dance is over before they 'react'. Knowing Saturn there will be a Russian doll, within a doll, within a doll... before you get to the empty space within.

Mercury Conjunct Uranus points to innovation and unusual new skills. It is the unexpected blazing of new trails where those gifted in 'out-of-the-box' thinking can bring the next wave of beneficial innovations into a shared community. There may be a delay between the insights realised in 2010 and their general application. Brilliant minds will bring forth innovations in astrology, mathematics, science and technology. Mercury Square Pluto will send an 'atomic-explosion' into the hidden areas of the 'Occult' and 'Secretive Sciences' causing disturbing tendencies in man to come out into the open, and come to an end. There is probably going to be a bigger spotlight thrown on Secretive Societies and their role in manipulating mankind. These obsessive groups may force this on themselves as they attempt to expand their control. Mankind is going to have to sort out a growing disturbance in sexual obsession (perversion) if he wants to bring order into this world. It could also be that humans begin to see and understand hidden 'astral' and parasitic forces feeding on their obsessive behaviour.

Mars Sextile Saturn - Trine Neptune: Mars Sextile Saturn means that desire for security and practical survival will play a big role in 2010. Steady, practical, long term projects will manifest in positive ways for those who co-operate to create a solution based on real principles. People will work hard and committ themselves to long-term projects to achieve their goals. This also indicates the establishment of Foundations and Communities who have a guided long-term vision. These people are prepared to do the work needed to make their vision work. This means that 2010/2011 is the time to begin germination of solid projects whose roots will form the foundations of the 'future'. Mars Trine Neptune means that projects will be developed to benefit humanity. This is a movement away from self-serving appropriation of resources and a demand that resources are shared for the benefit of the whole community. It cold be the beginning of communities taking direct control of their local resources, protecting forests, planting trees, cleaning up derelict land, planting food and sharing it. Protecting each other and protecting their local environment.

Saturn Opposition Uranus - Square Pluto: These planets could be said to have influenced the chaotic and pessimistic relationship between ruling father 'state' and the injured child, suffering under the one-sided male authority who desires to create order for all - and externally imposed order for all. This has clearly failed and as those who believed in that illusion have to live the falling apart of the states power (for many reasons), the delusion of external power creating order for all will hit hard at those who believed that it was possible.

Uranus has poured a lot of water onto that apparently square solid illusion, and two effects of this has been that some people are waking up to realize what kind of a state-owned-house they have been living in, as others totally lose it in non-constructive ways = rebellion.

Uranus has gradually been bringing a lot of changes and unwanted revelations into the heavy-handed institutions of Saturn, which translate into a breakup of the old Saturnian system heavily in debt to its 2,000 year old rulership of the planet, and a much needed questioning of depending on a system that cannot maintain balance and social order imposed externally from outside. Balance can only come from within.

Uranus Square Pluto: Transformation and change? In reality these planetary forces probably give the unstoppable changes form. Chaotic and formless change on a planetary level includes earthquakes, flooding, eruptions, tsunamis, torrential downpours, extreme drought, natural disasters and man-made disasters. All of this concentrated into the next five years until 2015 .. it just wont seem to end and will effect everyone on the planet.

If nothing would contain that destructive force then human populations would be potentially wiped out never to begin again. This long term change has structure and is contained. It is not an uncontrolled chaotic violent formless series of disasters. There is form and meaning to the disasters (read challenges).

Those who can meet these kinds of challenges are going to be radically altered by them in ways no one can foresee. Those who desire anarchy are simple drama queens. Uranus square Pluto will not provide thrill seekers with anarchic chaos. The transition to change is structured and has a method to its 'madness'. The desired target is consciousness, although much of the upheavals will be 3D physical. Therefore, Pluto and Uranus are suggesting that 3D physical reality is all based on consciousness anyway.