Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Global Warming Glacier Retreats

The Climate Change 'Global Warming' lobby admit that they patched together their data in an environment of chaos and disorder. For twenty years groups of scientists have gathered 'research' material to present to the world as evidence that the planet is warming - and to claim that this excess warming is man made.

If they knew this twenty years ago - and people are not picking up on this subtle piece of information that gathering Global Warming data has been a long term project .. If they knew this, then why did these people not invest in alternative energy resources twenty years ago?

Watching the political circus, it often looks as though an opportunistic parasitic entity lives from the cream of human resources (taxes), and it does this just so it can stay at the top and not get its hands dirty having to 'produce something real'. You would never find them in the fields planting and harvesting corn or potatoes. These are the types who come along at harvest time and say: "You planted that corn on my land .. "

How many different ways can you extract taxes and resources from a fixed income? The trick is to convince people that they have to pay for their 'sins' - health insurance (sickness), carbon tax (pollution), extreme weather tax (insurance) etc.

In earlier times communities organised themselves to work together, not based on income - but based on cooperation and resolve. That is one of the key attributes of mankind, who have the ability to work together in various ways. Not because working together will benefit the individual, but because it will benefit the whole community - not only the 'petty-self'.

This Glacial retreat of man made 'Global Warming', in which the core group are having to admit that the climate was warmer during the Medieval Warm Period than it is now, and that there has been no significant warming since 1995, is an indicator of Human Consciousness Climate Change.

The essence of man is not to divide, to fight wars and to work only for self - out of self interest. The true essence of man is courage, compassion (that takes courage) and clarity of purpose .. 'vision' ..

At some point people are going to have to connect with their inner knowing, their unique inner vision, and find the courage to be who they are. The GPS to know and be who you are is Inner Vision - IVP (Inner Vision Positioning).

It took natural open cooperation to uncover the details of the Global Warming deception/manipulation. However, the lies cover up a much more complex future that will see dramatic Earth changes. We are living on Earth at a time where climate instability will not produce food for the growing human population across this planet. There will be ongoing population reduction, political geographic instability, resource conflicts and geopolitical opportunism (wars).

The first major change is happening now, where people first see the reality approaching them = 'earth changes', and they work together to figure out a way to deal with -adapt to- the changes. Everything we have taken fro granted will go through some kind of change over the next 100 to 150 years - and then it will take another 50 years to come out of this cycle of Earth geo-magnetic alteration. The video of the Landslide close to the Italian town Maierato looks like ocean waves, and that is geo-magnetic.

Water is a magnetic substance, when an area has heavy rainfall the water will interact in a powerful way with geo-magnetic flux. It is the magnetic fluctuations in the Earth that will cause all the physical Earth Changes. Matter is a denser 'shadow' cast by spirit-energy frequencies. That is why your soul can inhabit dense worlds of matter. The Spirit world gives form to physical matter, and your soul comes from (is born from) the world of Spirit to inhabit the more dense physical world - as a unique experience.