Tuesday, August 09, 2011

The Future Oceans: Smaller Fishing Boats

The European union are trashing fish stocks and are trashing the oceans - damaging the sea floor with bottom trawling and giving the fish no-chance with factory trawlers...

Feeling concerned, we were recently talking to "ourselves in the future" to find out how they overcome this monolithic oceanic environmental disaster.

In the next 300 to 500 years fishing the oceans will become an "extinct preoccupation" for mankind. One of the reasons for this is compassion. Unlike the people living on the planet today, who live inside a non-sustainable bubble of perpetual greed [living to eat rather than eating to live] .. people in the future do not have this beginning of the Century sickness.

The people in the future have compassion.

Naturally, people today can also have compassion [the future is now] .. but let's be realistic .. today's world suffers from abnormal greed (consumption) = get it while you can and get as much as you can at any cost.

You may ask how can anyone connect with the future?
It is very easy .. you look back from the future at yourself now °-°

Being concerned for the oceans and this most ancient unexplored habitat, the question is not really about fishing quotas .. the question is the way humans behave on the oceans. It is not what we do, but the way that we do it. The real problem is the massive greed of these giant factory trawlers and the ease with which modern fishing trawlers can locate fish shoals

We were told - looking back from the future - that in the first phase the way they dealt with over-fishing was not to focus on quotas; but to reduce the size and numbers of the fishing boats. In the first phase all bottom trawling is totally banned.

The way to control the size of catch is to reduce the size of the trawlers catching the fish. Giant factor trawlers will eventually be extinct (like the dinosaurs).

Obviously the numbers of trawlers allowed to fish on one day will also be reduced. In the beginning each group of trawlers have a certain window [restricted time period] in which to fish and return to shore. The groups are rotated and these restrictions allow dwindling fish stocks to recover from the massive over-fishing taking place on all the oceans of the world.

The biggest change to fishing the oceans will take place on land. Gradually, over time, humans will stop eating fish. Some of you may be horrified at the though; but this is the way it will go .. because the people of tomorrow are not the people of today. The reason most people today cannot comprehend this is because the 3D vibration is too dense [focused on personal greed].

As you see, the problem facing mankind and the Earth - of the rapidly dwindling ocean fish stocks - is not such a great problem if you apply intelligence .. all you have to do is ban factory trawlers .. reduce the size of the fishing vessels .. reduce the numbers of fishing vessels allowed to fish at any one time and ban bottom trawling of the oceans.

Eventually, mankind stops fishing altogether .. and by then humans are living in and on the oceans as well as on land.