Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Earthquakes 38th Parallel North

I don't know how I came to this .. it began when I noticed that the recent Colorado 5.3 and the later Virginia 5.9 earthquakes in the U.S. were both shallow quakes and seemed to be hitting the same circle of latitude.

The Virginia earthquake at a depth of 5 kilometers was measured 38° Northern latitude and the earlier Colorado/New Mexico earthquake at a depth of 4.9 kilometers was measured 37.13° Northern latitude. From my research I then realised that the long series of earthquakes (aftershocks) hitting Japan are revealing seismic stress between the latitudes of 37° North and 38° North.

I am not a Geologist and so I had to go back and do some bare bones research on those earthquakes.

The 9.0 Honshu, Japan quake hit at 38.32°N, on March 11 2011 .. and this was a long series of quakes (or aftershocks) that continue to rattle the 38th Parallel .. although the shocks have subsequently moved down to rattle the 37th parallel over the last few weeks.

09-03-2011 Honshu, Japan - 7.3 - 38.51°N
11-03-2011 Honshu, Japan - 9.0 - 38.32°N
11-03-2011 Honshu, Japan - 7.7 - 38.07°N
07-04-2011 Honshu, Japan - 7.1 - 38.25°N
10-07-2011 Honshu, Japan - 7.1 - 38.04°N
23-07-2011 Honshu, Japan - 6.4 - 38.93°N

Since March 2011 this narrow band of seismic activity has been relentlessly shaking an area between 36°N and 38°N off the coast of Japan .. where an area within those latitudes have experienced 6.0+ 7.0+ aftershocks. More recently, Greece experienced a 5.0 at a depth of 5.6 kilometers at latitude 38.40°N. Next came 5.3 Honshu, Japan at latitude 38.40°N and another 5.1 Honshu, Japan at latitude 38.43°N. 

07-08-2011 Patras, Greece - 5.0 - 38.40°N
11-08-2011 Honshu, Japan - 5.3 - 38.40°N
17-08-2011 Honshu, Japan - 5.1 - 38.43°N

In the area of Japan one would not be surprised by aftershocks at the same northern latitude as the 9.0 on March 11, 2011. In the U.S. seismic experts were said to have dismissed claims that the 5.3 August 23 earthquake in Colorado and the 5.9 earthquake on August 23, in Virginia are connected.

Both quakes registered at a depth of 5 kilometers, with the Colorado quake close enough to the latitude 38°N .. but they are not connected in any way.

23-08-2011 Colorado, USA - 5.3 - 37.13°N
23-08-2011 Virginia, USA - 5.9 - 38°N

If they are not connected then we wont be seeing many more 5.0+ or 6.0+ earthquakes anywhere near the 38° northern parallel.

What if they are connected? If this level of unusual seismic activity around the 38° northern latitude is connected - would it not be a good idea to find out why, in order to understand what is taking place?

38th Parallel North
It is an interesting latitude. One that has an almost mysterious and civilization changing connections. The 38th Parallel passes straight through Athens, Greece. Mount Etna, Sicily lies between 37°N and 38°N. The 38th Parallel runs straight through the Mediterranean Sea. It also runs through Shandong Province, China - known for its mysterious mirages [Penglai city 37.50°N].