Thursday, August 18, 2011

Oops! Wrong World! Wrong Coordinates!

I seriously think I ended up being born in the wrong world on the wrong planet and in the wrong dimension! I know I walked through the time portal door and somehow I ended up here .. on this planet .. in this time in history and it is totally the wrong place and the wrong time.

For example, I was reading in the Wall Street Journal that China now has a gigantic appetite for importing corn. Okay! That's cool .. why not? Then you read the article and your whole world gets turned upside down... Like a future world of overweight, sick, diabetic Chinese.

The reason I had these thoughts is the reason China is importing more corn than the planet can grow!

The reason is they are eating more pork and the Chinese farmers have been advised to feed the pigs corn. So, it's not like real people will be eating the corn; but pigs will be eating the corn so that people can eat the pigs. That makes sense and I am seriously trying to rediscover the correct co-ordinates to the place I was supposed to go to - instead of ending up down here.

It is not eating the pigs that could widen the waist size of the Chinese... Its the corn syrup. That is why I seriously need to find the right coordinates to get off the planet. Can you imagine the effect on gravity billions of fat Chinese will have on the rotation of the planet? It may even change Earth's orbit around the Sun.

You have to read the article laying out why China wants so much corn.

Apparently, there is a growing demand (in China) for sweet drinks sweetened with corn syrup. As if sweet drinks sweetened with corn syrup is essential to maintaining and sustaining life. This is where I know that someone sent me to the wrong "Incarnation Co-ordinates". I am working right now to get that sorted out.

Go and research - high fructose corn syrup - in your favorite Search Engine and see what jumps out of the monitor at you and then you may know why I am convinced that I am on the wrong planet.

Here we are in 2012 (Sorry! 2011) and on the one hand you have people in Africa starving to death and on the other hand you have a whole industry of consumption where those who have food are sick and dying of malnutrition, because the food they eat is pure indulgence. The "health benefits" of these processed foods are well documented.

When I was growing up everyone was eating pork and drinking sweet fizzy drinks .. but not me. I would eat the potatoes, the carrots, the cabbage and the cauliflower .. but I would look at the lumps of iffy coloured meat and I never liked the look of that stuff and I very quickly stopped eating it.

All those brand name sweet drinks .. those "treats" for the kids .. I did not like them either. I liked home made Dandelion and Burdock Lemonade or simply water. I really should have realized then that there had been a serious router error when I arrived in this insane world where people live to eat rather than eat to live.

India - who already went the way of China - are facing an increasing diabetes problem and overweight. The people in India can read English; but none of them would ever read anything like: William Dufty's, Sugar Blues. Let's be honest .. no one in China is going to educate themselves to Corn Sugar °-)

Okay, human beings are on a fast lane to extinction .. but at what cost to the planet? Why are humans so greedy? It's as though no matter how much they get it is never enough. The pork, the chicken, the beef, over fishing the oceans. With this self-indulgent diet the men become impotent and so the black markets in tiger bones and rhino horns increases as the money pours there to kill these animals to 'cure' their sickness.

The funny part is this so-called civilization has some fear of HELL .. you know .. a much worse place than here. I think their idea of "hell" is somewhere they cannot indulge themselves. Somewhere - a world - where they cannot feed this desire for desire - because already most of them are living inside their own self-made self-created "hell" at the expense of everything else around them.

To see China go the way of America .. means we need new co-ordinates - fast.