Monday, September 05, 2011

Earth's Climate Could Be A Lot Worse

As bad as things may seem we people of Planet Earth in 2011 do not have such a bad climate... it could be a lot worse than it is. In fact, our ancestors had to deal with dramatic weather changes a lot worse than we have today. Changes in weather and geography that send landmasses and coastal continental boundaries under the sea.

Weather conditions on Earth are going through rapid change - causing the climate to change - but that is normal for this planet.

The changing weather patterns are not MAN MADE .. it is a natural part of living on this planet - dramatic change is part of living down here. A mind that is not able to adapt to extreme shifts in climate is unnatural. To show you why that is look all around you at NATURE.

If adaptations to rapid shifts in global climate was not normal for the creatures of Earth, then they would find it almost impossible to survive. As scientists and biologists are finding out .. plants, animals, fish, birds and insects rapidly adapt to changes in temperature/climate.

Let's all get some perspective here '-)

Let's move our focus from the ponzi "man-made climate" scheme to look at areas where humans really do a lot of serious damage. The main area of damage is that humans kill a lot of animals, birds, plant and tree species, fish and insects (bees). Humans kill all these species for a number of reasons:
1. Eating animal meat
2. Over fishing
3. killing dolphins/whales
4. Cutting down trees
5. Pesticides
6. Habitat destruction
7. Pollution [oil spills etc]

For example, we don't have to cut down all these trees over the last 100 years .. we can grow HEMP !!

Simple things like paper and plastic alternatives = Hemp. Just simple solutions that work for us and that work for our planet. Changing from pesticide/industrial fertiliser agriculture to organic/permaculture gardening farming. Another simple solution is to design or use cities/towns as natural food growing areas. You know! People plant fruit trees, any trees, vegetables, herbs, everything green... all over the towns and cities - on public land

On the sea shores and out at sea key areas are designated no-fishing zones.

You can easily create micro no-fishing zones [they do not have to be giant areas] .. just areas where no-one can fish and where fish and shellfish populations can recover.

If you want to talk about "Climate Change" then lets talk about the effect humans have on animal climates, fish climates, insect climates, tree and plant climates, bird climates... Let's deal with that FIRST - without always thinking only of ourselves.

My favorite is the mystery of Atlantis .. but even if you don't think that Atlantis ever existed - the facts are that humans have survived a lot worse than people today. Finding Atlantis