Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Return To A GOLD Standard

If you pay attention to the stories being written, the world is in a crisis. To be more specific - the world is in an economic crisis of massive proportions. Greece will or will not default. That was a discussion played out over the USD some weeks ago: default or no default. In the background there are advocates for a return to a "gold standard" to stabilize the world's currencies.

What is a market? What is currency? What is an economy?


These tools are an external component of your mind and how you bring order to your world. Therefore, markets, trade, currencies and economics are tools we use to interact with the 3D physical world. You could use theft, deception, fraud and manipulation to get what you need; but then there would be chaos as everyone would be using deception as a trading tool.

Markets, currencies and economies are all external manifestations of the way your mind works, they are extensions of your thoughts and of your strengths or fears. How you interact with the world creates economics and trade using a currency of exchange.

Let's take Greece as one example. If I was trying to sort out the imbalance of struggling forces, which are CAUSING instability, the first thing to understand is that all the different views are creating a mass of disturbance and not solving anything. The different and fractional forces fighting over Greece are causing more problems for that country. If there is a hole in the boat one has to practically fix the hole.

Where is it going to be fixed? Only at a local level.

As I said: Economies are the result of peoples actions within society. An economy exists as a tool "a servant" of the people and not that people exist as a tool "a servant" of the economy.

If I was a modern Greek hero I would work for the return of the "Gold Standard" as a true alchemical process within the consciousness of man. The reason it is the gold standard is because it is the highest standard of integrity and purity. The standard from which mankind has fallen into the state he is in today. A loss of integrity, a loss of honor and a loss of higher values.

The true return of the gold standard is through change in our behavior. People don't lie to each other, greed is not the primary driving force, people do not steal from each other, people do not cheat each other. The same goes for institutions, banks and politicians.

From street level all the way up to the lawmakers no one trusts each other. The people do no trust the politicians and the politicians do not trust the people. On an international level Europe do not trust Greece and Greece do not trust Europe. Each party has something to hide. Power groups co-operate to hide their dirty laundry while blaming society for the dirt and the mess.

If humans cannot trust each other, it does not matter what you base the currency on - the situation wont be healed. If groups are cheating each other then they will cheat with gold or silver as they cheated with paper currency. Give a dog a bone...

The real issue and the real crisis is a human one leading to a greater political and economic chaos. It became 'normal' behavior to lie. It became 'normal' behavior to cheat. Greed is the alpha trait of the alpha dog. Greed and a loss of humanity became a ruling psychology in politics as well as in markets.

What everyone is not paying attention to nor understanding is that these behaviors are 'energies' - they are magnetic frequencies that have cause-and-effect. In other words the internal house you are living in is an energy-field of greed, lies and deception with an equal magnetic value.

When the alpha quality is greed then the future outcome is chaos, loss of value(s), collapse, conflict.

I personally see the return of the 'gold standard'. I think a lot more people out there are seeing and feeling the same thing. That the alpha value is no longer lies, cheating, greed and deception; but that from base society people discover and apply new value.

For example, local people invest at a local level using their own people's bank to finance projects they benefit from on a local level. Finding a sense of self-worth, self-responsibility and application.

Cheating and lying on a large scale causing suffering to thousands of people will leave a bigger scar on the deceiver than it leaves on those who suffered as a result of mans inhumanity to man. Go back to Ancient Egypt .. the weight of the scars of greed are not only weighed in 3D terms.

If a persons heart is corrupt - nothing outside is going to change that. Change of heart does not come from outside. The Golden Rule / the builders Plumb Line to measure the foundation of the heart is not held by an outside hand. The plumb line measuring the exactness of the heart is only held by the hand of the inner heart. Each one of us holds the Golden Rule to our own heart.

In that connection to the Inner Golden Rule, the application of a true Alchemical Gold Standard is the foundation.