Thursday, September 22, 2011

Himalayan 6.9: Dodecahedron 27th Parallel North

A devastating 6.9 earthquake in the mountainous Himalayas sent landslides rumbling down the rocky slopes, which is a major signature of earthquakes in a mountain region. It makes earthquakes extremely deadly for the people living in these areas. One does not only have to contend with falling buildings; but there is the enormous danger from the slopes of the mountains themselves.

The September 18 Sikkim/Nepal earthquakes hit a vulnerable region. The point is that no one really totally understands what is taking place. We struggle to survive - but we fail to understand.

The only way I can explain it is that the unseen structure of the Earth is like a dodecahedron. Something that we do not see holds together the physical structure of the planet. Just as the human skeleton has structure, the inner Earth also has 'structure'. The 'bones of the planet' are connected based on the same Sacred Geometry that gives structure to humans, animals, fish and birds.

The reason it is important to be aware of and understand the larger structure, is because the whole structure is moving - expanding/contracting. Therefore, one sees related earthquakes or volcanic activity on the same parallel. The magnetic grid gives life to the Earth and regulates all things. The grid regulates atmosphere, temperature, weather patterns, rainfall or drought, earthquakes and volcanic eruptions. It is a complete unified system

Humans have designed their world to mimic Nature. All human devices have an electrical principle, including vehicles such as cars, boats and planes. All aspects of our world requires an electrical generator or battery - we live and function from an electrical grid, where the current is the unifying principle behind all functionality.

The September 18 series of quakes hit the Himalayas around Latitude 27°N

18-SEP-2011 - 13:54:18 Lat 27.38N - Mag 4.6 SIKKIM, INDIA
18-SEP-2011 - 13:11:57 Lat 27.45N - Mag 4.8 SIKKIM, INDIA
18-SEP-2011 - 12:40:48 Lat 27.73N - Mag 6.9 SIKKIM, INDIA

What caught my attention was the 2.8 on Latitude 27.67°N on September 22, Canary Islands.

Most likely the Earth's physical mass sits on an underlying geometrical framework/structure in the same way that a computer operating system gives functionality to a desktop system. You don't see the code behind the visible functions. Most humans live on the planet and do not see the code behind the land under their feet. Who cares if the inner planet is built on a dodecahedron type structure?

What if the land and sea floor structure has a 'virtual reality' existence based on energy that can change. What if it can be upgraded in a similar way to an operating system upgrade. What if energy can change the physical land mass.

Even if it could change - even if it was designed to change - it would still have to have a basic geometrical order, otherwise it could tear the planet apart. The geometrical order would be the crystal-magnetic dodecahedron base operating system. As long as you maintain the geometry of the basic source planetary structure, you can overlay almost anything onto that living holograph.

Large magnitude earthquakes on the 27th Parallel North in the Himalayas create landslides. So do larger earthquakes around the 27th Parallel North on the Island of El Hierro, Canary Islands (Spain). The Island of El Hierro is historically know as a tsunami danger. Volcanic eruptions and severe tremors release landslides. In the Himalayas the land slides down the mountain into the valleys and on El Hierro the land slides into the Atlantic Ocean.