Saturday, July 09, 2011

Great Changes To The Human Mind

Naturally - the current 3D obsessed human being focuses on 3D physical survival .. which is a primary mistake as the human (and animal) 3D forms are a tiny drop in the ocean of the human soul and of the spirit. Some of my best friends are trees .. others are volcanoes .. others are clouds .. then there is the wind .. then there is the rain .. rivers bring water and the oceans are rich in fish...

"Great Changes To The Human Mind", will be much greater than changes to the 3D world (on which we depend physically).

All humankind, on all continents, are entering a thousand year revolution, in which the SOUL will imbue the SPIRIT with energy and light .. but do not be afraid of the 'shadows' because darkness is the container in which the light shines brightest of all .. all duality is born of the light and the dark .. neither is good and neither is bad .. yin and yang are one.

First there is an incredible change happening in the heavens above our heads .. but what are the heavens? Well, we are the heavens!! We are born from the heavens and we passage the heavens when we leave the Earth. We come and go .. and this process has taken place for many millions of years.

For those of you who have the sensitivity to look deeply at the sky .. pay attention to the light .. watch the depth of colour .. you will see the changes ahead.

Ordinary science and ordinary 3D thought sees only what it invents - interprets - measures in its own terms .. but there is a much greater change (challenge) approaching, that will totally dwarf all thought, all measurement and all interpretation. We may inhabit 3D bodies; but we are SPIRIT walking on Earth representing the SOUL.

The greatest challenge that lies ahead for human beings is the "Great Change To The Mind". Of course, the mind is beyond all limitations of human thought .. but the human being has to be able to be one with the mind - without methods or techniques and without fear.

It is not about volcanoes, it is not about continental shift, it is not about 3D transformation of the physical environment (all of which will take place) .. it is about the integral structure of the human mind and the relationship to universal mind. It is not even a question of extra-terrestrials and other world Galactic Federations .. because the beginning and the end lie within our consciousness.

Each human consciousness is a universe in itself. Soon, scientists will begin to rediscover ALCHEMY and its true meaning.

The whole universe is inside us and we are inside the universe.

Realising this will create a much greater change on Earth than any physical 3D upheaval or physical transformation. Such a transformed mind can easily deal with the radiation contamination spreading from Fukushima. We cannot currently deal with the man-made radioactive contamination, because we are fragmented, partial and at odds with our planetary environment.

Extraordinary change is coming to our world. The tectonic shift lies within.
This is a change of consciousness, a change of the workings of the mind.