Sunday, June 12, 2011

Ash From Puyehue Volcano Could Benefit Australia

Forming my own theories about life-giving-volcanoes and their function in altering the Earth's climate, it seems to me that the ash and particle generating Puyehue Volcano in Chile may be regenerating the climate in the same way as Iceland's Grimsvötn and Eyjafjallajökul have done.

From on-the-ground observations, the only thing I can say is that we have real clouds again, pleasant cooler temperatures and no longer the 30°C+ burning deadly Sun radiation and extended lack of rain since the May, 2011 Grimsvötn eruption in Iceland.

I can't explain it - but there is 'something' up there in the atmosphere making real dark grey fluffy clouds, increasing vital cloud cover and it looks alive up there .. the atmosphere has come to life .. there is moisture retention and a durable cloud presence.

I see from reports that the recent Puyehue volcanic eruption in Chile has not only affected Argentina; but significant ash has spread across the Pacific affecting Australia and New Zealand. I wonder if atmospheric enlivening ash, magnetic particles and unknown elements affect the cloud forming ions/chemistry while changing the long term drought that had been affecting Australia over the last ten years.

From my perspective, one-by-one volcanic eruptions around the world could be in a phase of re-seeding or re-activating the Earth's atmosphere and the Earth's climate in ways we do not yet understand. My theory is that each major eruption-location affects the climate, alters the atmospheric chemistry, adds as yet unknown living elements into the atmosphere and potentially creates/generates cloud and rain.

I see that one-by-one the volcanoes erupt in their own time, activating each quadrant of what could be called, an hexagonal Earth-grid. Each volcanic eruption has its own dynamics, particles, chemistry and density - but all eruptions over time will interact and nourish the atmosphere over hundreds (if not thousands) of years.

If I am correct the severe droughts spreading across North America, South America, Australia, Africa, Asia and more recently across Russia and Europe could be the last edge of a long period of reduced volcanic activity. If the volcanoes breathe life into the atmosphere .. essential for long term cloud creation and rainfall .. then long periods of reduced volcanic activity worldwide would potentially leave the planet in a particle exhausted state.

Simply, pay attention and watch. Major eruptions in Indonesia .. with flooding in Pakistan that gave a rich grain harvest the following year [2011] .. eruptions in Iceland, Japan, Chile and now in Africa .. Yes! Volcanic eruptions in Africa! Why? Because the Earth's volcanoes are re-seeding the atmosphere with rich minerals, ions, bacteria, ash, magnetism and life giving elements.

Earthquake Report have an extensive article on the Nabra volcano eruption in Eritrea following the earthquake swarm on June 12, 2011. This is a stratovolcano located in the Northern Red Sea Region of Eritrea and is essentially 'dormant' - so to speak. I mean this is not a Mount Etna regularly spewing ash - the volcano is not a Grimsvötn.

If I am correct the eruption of this volcano could spell a seeding of cloud and rains across Africa. Could Africa become water rich over the next 1,000 years? It is certainly possible given essential changes in the atmospheric nutrients around the African continent.

All this could potentially change the European and North American predictions of extreme water shortages and continuing drought in Africa and the Middle East. Those predictions were made on the continuing worsening of atmospheric conditions based on projecting what we see happening to the climate over the last 50 years. Can volcanoes change that projection? I think so...

Nature's joker card - nature's winning hand - would be to play cards we humans don't even know exist. I think mother Earth is about to teach us all a thing or two about weather, climate, the atmosphere, volcanoes, relationship with the Sun and in general about the world we live in.

Observing these changes I think it is possible the Middle East and Africa could receive renewed (sustained) water-from-the-heavens over a long period - potentially replenishing the great rivers, the underground wells and filling up the water table, even returning rain to parched areas.

Putting the Mayan Calendar (which is not a 'Calendar') in perspective .. will this cycle of renewal return the waters-of-life to the old world? I think that is possible. What is more valuable than material wealth, oil, physical resources? Water! Surely! Water is health - water is wealth...