Friday, June 10, 2011

Ancient Forces Protect Switzerland

One could say that Switzerland is similar to the 'pineal gland' of mainland Europe. Within those energetic seer mountains is an ancient force much older than mankind. They were here on the Earth since the beginning and they will be here long after the human race has gone.

Each race on Earth corresponds to local (tectonic) vibrational frequencies, to specific star systems and to inter-dimensional forces (portals) here on Earth. When not stuck to the 3D body the human spirit/soul make use of inter-dimensional transit frequencies and connection portals governed by awareness factors.

Levels of awareness are not related to control .. but are what they are. Lower your awareness and you alter internal frequencies - shift your awareness and you shift frequencies. Just as a certain kind of computer software can or cannot work with older or newer operating systems, so levels of awareness can or cannot work with various Earth and Cosmic frequencies.

The people at CERN may or may not already know this .. particles and organisms can pass to and fro between various levels of inter-dimensional space. Therefore, when the Sun sends out a Solar flare, within that energy are multi levels of particles interacting all at once - but they converge from and through different reality frequencies.

That brings us back the the ancient guardian race of Planet Earth.

There are areas on Earth that connect to Galactic locations, to other Sun systems, to Planetary systems and to things we do not yet understand. If you like, one could say that the human soul is a multi-dimensional quantum field where the spirit is the scout and the incarnation is the beacon. In some ways you are a 'light-house' to your soul [for your soul].

The soul fires you up, gives you energy and you (the light-house) send the beam back. If CERN was the soul then you would be the particle interacting across space-time (appearing and disappearing) in coherent fields where your psyche is the navigation system and your spirit is the navigator.

Just as many older races before us, we humans have been primed to reconstruct the soul wherever we go in space-time. Can it go wrong? Yes! Do we have a choice? No! It inside us in the same way a bird has to fly and a fish has to swim. It is part of what we are.

At key locations on Planet Earth are multi-layered inter-dimensional portals vibrating like seed-pods connecting physical and non-physical space. The ancient ones existed before the creation of this Galaxy .. they observed the creation of the Earth and they will still be there when the Earth is no more. The ancient ones are extraorinary. They precede time-space and when Galaxies die (or transmute) it is all one and the same to the ancient ones.

A Special Seed
Now, something unusual is happening on Planet Earth. A special seed is germinating. Before humans become semi-arrogant and think they are the special seed .. it includes all living things on Earth. Humans cannot change their vibration if the whole Earth does not change .. which includes the trees, plants, rivers, oceans, sea creatures, birds and animals. Either we all get an 'upgrade' or no one does.

All over the world sacred portals are opening...

The dense 3D world cannot overwhelm this 'change' .. the change has already taken place .. it has already happened. The energies in Switzerland - sought out by 'the rich' are merging and coordinating with extraordinary energies all over the Planet. Enriching everyone regardless of race or colour...

The human race are not 'an experiment'. To say that is to imagine that someone [the forces] do not know what they are doing! It makes humanity sound like ?? a universal clown .. and that is not what is going on down here on Planet Earth.

Ancient forces protect Switzerland and all Earth locations related to and connected with the "Galactic Federation". The Internet is an extension of the human psyche. The Internet is an extension of the Planet Earth. They did not 'worship' gods in ancient Egypt .. they were in contact with multi-dimensional realities. The true history of the Earth is about to be revealed...