Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Flinstone Particle Technology Update

I have tested all kinds of different water, silver, tee tree oil, sugar water effects and there is a marked difference in the chemical behaviour when viewed using the paeolithic technolgy.

I tested filtered water (not distilled), then to some jars I added seperately colloidial silver, tee tree oil, grapefruit seed extract, yoghurt, raw brown sugar, a tesla plate and a giant quarz crystal. Each had their own distinct effect. The silver and the grapefruit seed seemed to discolour the test material, while the tee tree oil seemed to dillute or dissolve the material. However, the joghurt added to filtered water was the most interesting of all. The joghurt was different. It created fine particles of sand. The joghurt seemed to be the most effective at altering the chemistry of the test and breaking it down into tiny fragments.

The tesla plate effect was totally different than the quarz crystal test. I then tried zapping both test by sending the zapper current into the water through my finger. The zapper electrical current test completely dissolved the test. I then tried to dissolve the raw suger water test with a zapper electrical current, and it also dissolved the test. The most efficient of all in terms of leaving no 'residue' was the giant quarz crystal test.

I would say that we are dealing with a resonance issue and that electrical resonance is the best way to correct the imbalance. However, healthy intestinal flora is also a healthy resonant frequency. That is why it works.

From what I have seen in relation to my own observations, the yeast cells are morphing inside the body. I am not sure this is something one can 'kill', in the sense that as long as the disruption frequency is sending out a signal (changing the polarity of the body) the candida yeast cells will keep appearing.

What does this mean for the quarz crystal test?

The body probably loses its capacity to dilute the mucous/fungi/mold imbalance, and this is because human cells requires a crystal resonant nourishment. This is probably why the colloidial silver works so well. The most effective of all the tests seemed to be the quarz crystal. When I added a small electrical current the test dissolved even faster. I still would have to try magnets.

It may be that our polarity is reversing or is weakened due to the electrical frequencies surrounding us on a daily basis. In all my observations the electrical frequency of the atmosphere (the weather) has the most powerful effects. Add to the list the nerve toxins that get created in our bodies when mold and yeast are effected by the electrical weather.

For example, imagine you had one small room in the house, similar to a sauna, but it is a resonance field generator. One sits or lies in the room and the resonant field harmonises the friendly cellular bacteria. I don't yet know how to build one!