Monday, June 18, 2007

Electrical Fields, Infections & Superbugs

Although I am not able to study on a biological level the insights I am having, it is totally wrong for the health care and medical establishments around the world to ignore electrical fields and electrical pulse fields in relation to increasing hospital 'superbugs'. Sure, anti-biotics play a large role in this. To what extent are the electrical fields and pulse wave transmissions also contributing to the infection problems?

Hospitals and clinics today are generally small spaces crammed full of electrical equiptment. Next to no one is studying the effects of these arrays of electric, microwave fields on basic organsims such as bacteria, fungi, candida and viruses.

My own theory is that the electrical and/or microwave pulse fields do effect microorgansisms in various ways that may, in turn, effect humans. It could even be that the growth cycles are effected - and this means the yeast growth cycles are also effected inside the human cells.

It is possible that the electrical fields, passing and criss-crossing through the cells are effecting how the cells function. Even more serious are possibly altering the behaviour of fungi, mold and yeast cells or their growth cycles. It may even be that some pulse waves kill the yeast cells... but then the person in whom there is a mass yeast die off is going to have a healing crisis due to a mass die off of yeast cells.

As hospitals and clinics become more and more 'technical', the superbugs are growing and apparently mutating. I wonder is anyone studying the effects of various electric fields on germs, bacteria, fungus, mold and yeast? There is an even more complex issue here, and that is the cross waves of signals in an extremely confined space. It may not be enough to understand the behaviour of one electrical field on basic life forms, because these places are a living network of crossing signals and pulses, electrical and microwave, stationary and pulsed frequencies. This also has to be taken into consideration.

What I am seeing is difficult to describe, and so I have to explain it backwards. Science and modern health care see microbes as enemies, sort of like that they are out to get us. We have to be protected from microbes and bacteria. The fact is that the microbes, yeast, bacteria, molds and microorganisms are a part of us - they are everywhere.

When we change the outer microbiological environment, even slightly, that change is going to effect us. What we do to the fungi and yeast cells we do to ourselves. If the MM pulse frequencies together with increasing electrical fields are effecting microscopic elements, yeast cells, fungi and candida (in whatever way), this alteration will effect us. We cannot escape from that relationship, it is part of life.

You cannot take a mono-scope, focus it on one part of the whole situation, study it and try to assess what is causing the imbalance, because the larger situation is effecting the smaller mono-micro-situation. For example, our cells communicate electrically, they use certain frequencies of sound to communicate and carry out essential tasks. Just as the military ocean radars effect the cetaceans swimming in the sea, it is possible that the pulsed waves effect our cellular communications and functions.

The sciences are fragemented and divided. Someone who understands electricity, Herz waves and transmission levels would have to understand how magnetic waves effect or alter matter on a cellular level. Are pulse wave electrical fields and microwave pulse frequencies drowning out the song of the body matrix at a cellular and biological level?