Friday, June 15, 2007

Seeing Is Believing

You would have to see this for yourselves to believe it. I have three test glasses. Two glasses are jasmine green tea drop test, both have raw brown sugar added and one has a few drops of colloidial silver. The third glass is day two of the Tesal plate test. After some time the Tesla plate water totally dissolves the test even without the Zapper frequency.

I don't know what is happening there with the Tesla plate. It is actually bubbling, or oxidising. That could be due to the elecro-frequency. Yeast and mold behave differently across the spectrum of electromagnetic frequencies. The Tesla plate test without an electrical Zapper pulse creates a thick jelly.

The jasmine green tea with raw cane sugar appears to dissolve the strings (to the visible eye) and the jasmine green tea with colloidial silver added also dissolves the test, but is slightly different.

All the websites warn people to avoid sugar. I understand why. People are addicted to refined sugar, but I am not addicted. I don't really use sugar and not honey either (although I often use honey in situations where I stop eating and begin herb tea fasts). I want to test the sugar, because I do not think we really totally understand what is taking place.

It is all very well to say that Candida likes sugar and forget that healthy Candida plays a role in the living cycle of the human body. By accident I became aware of an intersting reaction.

The electrical charge in the atmosphere increased early this morning due to thunder storm. I had done nothing different than the days before and so I knew the 'allergy reaction' I had was due to the storm. This is not only an increase in moisture, but is also a change in the electrical charge in the atmosphere.

I woke up with the same allergy reaction I had during the last thunder storm. All the tissues were swollen like jelly or like seaweed. It is almost like seaweed. This lasted for hours. The thunder storm is still circling and building. It is quite amazing. I can feel the electricity running through my nerves and tendons. I am absolutley convinced that the overgrowth of yeast, mold and fungi are lowering the bodies resistance to the electric current. In other words the molds are reacting to the increase in the electric frequency and it is undermining how the cells of my body conduct electricity, or respond to electrical currents.

I tried everything that has worked well for the past few days and the seaweed effect got worse. Nothing worked to counteract the effect on the tissues due to the increase in the static electric field of the thunder storm. Even the tee tree oil had no effect. I then tried a Yakult yoghurt drink that I had in the fridge, because the Kefir always seems to work. However, the Yakult is sweet - I tried it anyway. Within a few minutes all the swelling had gone. That surprised me.

The jasmine green tea with raw brown sugar and the glass with the silver added both dissolve the test. This is why I say we do not really understand the relationship sugar compounds have in the chemistry of overgrowths. Orgainc raw sugars dissolve the jellyfish/seaweed effect.

I tried Silica powder, and that is pretty impressive. I added a very small amount to the water (as it appears cloudy). The Germans use Silica powder to treat fungal infections, stomach problems, colon problems, arthritis and tumors. Silica powder is 94 percent silica crystals. Apparently a small amount of silica powder can be mixed with Kefir rather than being mixed into water.