Saturday, June 16, 2007

Kefir Silica Experiment

I have begun to use the Kieselerde, the silica powder, and it seems to work well in reducing the candida and mold allergy reactions. However, with silica it is not a good idea to overdo it. If you take too large amounts of sililca it can lead to the building of kidney stones, especially if less water is drunk throughout the day. A person cannot take silica and then consume dehydration substances such as coffee, alcohol, sweets and cigarettes. With silica I keep drinking lots of water thoughout the day, plus I have never been a coffee drinker etc.

I think I used too much silica on the first day, because I just threw it into a glass of water and drank the whole glass in one. I am not doing that anymore. I have created my own little recipe test to see how it effects me. I have not ordered the Threelac, because I need to find out what substances I react to and what substances clear up my allergy symptoms.

The Kefir Silica Experiment
One quarter (or one third) 250g glass of Organic (Bio) Kefir
two drops of colloidial silver
one drop grapefruit seed extract
edge of a spoon silica powder

optional: one cap of Aloa Vera juice.

I used half a glass of Kefir twice a day, but I am changing this to one quarter glass three times a day. This way I eat small amounts of the recipe and clear the candida problem up one step at a time rather than hit my body with a kefir silica bomb as I did yesterday.

After I have eaten the quarter glass I put what is left onto my face and onto my skin. For example, if I have an allergy reaction my arms turn red. I put the kefir silica mixture onto my forearms, and within two days the silica cleared up the redness and irritation.

You have to remember to wash the residue off your face if you have to run out to the store or rush to out work. Because the silica powder makes the skin look chalky pale and people may think you are ill. I already got funny looks in the local store when I went to buy more glasses of Kefir. I am trying not to buy too much so they don't put the price up, but how can you hide buying six glasses at a time without going to different stores for each glass?

I was bitten by a moskito, I tried everything to get rid of the swelling and nothing worked. I tried grapefruit seed extract, tee tree oil, Arnika calendula cream, colloidial silver... Overnight the redness was gone due to the kefir silica mix I put directly onto the skin.

Silica Barleygrass Powder Wash
1 quarter cup Barleygrass powder
1 quarter cup Basis powder (optional)
A few tablespoons silica powder (Kieselerde)
Leave the mixture dry in the glass jar

I do not really use specific amounts, I just add the different powders and see how it looks. Each powder has a different effect, and a different texture - if I want a skin scrub I use more Basis powder. Really, all the skin wash ingredients are optional in various combinations. I don't use soap because it does not agree with my skin. For the first time in weeks my skin tissues are now free of the jellyfish effect. I just have to remember not to run out the door with a white silica face.