Monday, June 04, 2007

Candida Versus 'The Alchemist'

When faced with the food, mold, fungus allergy phenomenon and the creepy little yeast mold candida... I asked, at the time: "Why me?" I am sure we all ask that question when initially faced with a challenge. It is happening so that I pay attention and find solutions, rather than take it for granted that the food I eat is not harmful. I don't think the food itself is 'harmful', I think whatever is contaminating the food is harmful. I try to avoid pesticides by eating mostly organic food. Mold and fungus are also a health hazzard if taken in amounts the liver finds difficult to detox.

Why me? = To find the solution.
I am a person who enjoys good health. I have been Vegetarian for the past 35 years. I don't smoke and I don't really get ill. The only things that make me really sick are medications, and I realised that as a child. If I had to take some kind of child medication (even half an aspirin) I would get terribly sick. From an early age I refused any kind of medicine and I found my own solutions - one's that did not make me sick. That was always plants and herbs.

Since I used the Hulda Clark parasite herbs to keep the worms at bay, I do not get the usual round of flu bugs and infections that people get. But I do have a sensitive stomach. I consider this my good fortune, as it meant I always had to be careful about what I eat. My stomach is the first barrier to 'don't eat it foods'.

This is really the first time I had to pay attention and start to take drastic action. Although I noticed the odd symptom building up, and receding, over the past two to three years. Little mini versions of allergies that would go away again. Usually I would take steps to make sure they would go away.

If I am correct, and the food supply is more contaminated with mold and fungus today, than it was in the late 1990's, then I am going to have to find solutions that keep my inner enviroment as free of these contaminants as I can. This is where the Alchemist comes in. When people see all the things I do they wonder how one woman can do so many things. It is possible, because I was an Alchemist in some of my past lives. When you have been an Alchemist, you never lose it or forget it. Alchemy travels with you lifetime after lifetime.

The only person who can perserve my health and keep me healthy is the Alchemist. If the food I am eating is contaminated with fungus - that is not good. I don't want to eat mold and fungus, not heavy metals and pesticide either. Even when I eat mostly organic produce I still have the fungus problem.

I am going to start looking for solutions that work for me. I start with clear table vinegar. I have soaked half a cup of organic brown rice (the moldy one) in water with two tablespoons of organic vinegar. The vinegar has to be clear, because of the danger of aflatoxins in the unfiltered vinegars (it can happen). I will test to see if the mold grows after the soaking.

In the next experiment I will see if vinegar soaked brown rice also gives me an allergy reaction after it is cooked. That way I will know if it is the rice or if it is the fungus and mold hidden in the rice that is giving me the reaction.

In another experiment I will try soaking the rice and other allergy reaction causing foods in water treated with grapefruit seed extract. If soaking the grains stops the allergy reaction when I cook and eat the food, then it is the mold I am reacting to and not the food itself.

One thing I do know so far is that if I have an allergy reaction to a food that I eat and I then eat raw radishes, this helps a great deal and sometimes it completely eliminates the reaction. That is the liver. Another helper is the Milk Thistle capsules (Mariendistel Kapsel), but they are not as effective with me as the radishes. Later I will test out a liver detox, but first I want to find out if it is the food or if it is the mold and fungus I am allergic to.