Tuesday, June 05, 2007

No Mold On The Rice

This is very exiting. I have the Grapefruit Seed Extract and I don't get a flareup with it. Something is working with the vinegar. I suspect that cooking the white Basmati rice in the water with a teaspoon of clear vinegar caused the rice to carry something from the vinegar through the colon. Of course, the onions and garlic also act to rebalance the conditions in the colon. My theory is you have to have some food in the colon, from which an aroma enters the intestinal walls. Like the aroma of the Grapefruit Seed Extract, or the aroma of onions, or the aroma of vinegar. Not so much that it would cause a 'reaction'.

Even only after one day I can feel that things have changed in my favour. The change took 24 hours to manifest so clearly that I knew I had tipped the balance and was killing the mold 'allergy' environment. The back up steps to consolodate this balance is to start Zapping and I will use Wormwood (Wermut) and Calendula/Marigold (Ringelblümen) tea. For some reason I also like to drink Wormwood as tea, and I sometimes just chew a herb (like Sage), swallow the saliva and later spit out the herb. Then I will drink some water. The reason for this is that the tongue, the gums and the esophagus are all part of the whole digestive gut. I have found that saliva carries the healing oils into the gut better than swallowing the tea. The tea is good for the stomach and colon, but if I want to clean out the mouth and esophagus I eat the herb.

One has to be careful with using herbs. One can use too much of a herb and it has a kick back effect. I did this with the Calmus. I realised immediately that the Calmus root was working and so I took loads of tea on the first day rather than follow the instructions and sip two sips, before meals throughout the day. The reason for this is that the Calmus is such a powerful cleaner, it is so effective, that you want to take it easy. Calmus cleans out the lymphatic system. I found out this is true, because I was so sick the next day due to a massive clean out of the lymphatic system, that I can tell you where all my glands are in every part of my body, including the brain. After that I took two sips before and after each meal. When I don't eat I just take two sips.

"Take a level teaspoon of Calamus roots and soak them overnight in a cup of cold water. Warm the liquid slightly in the morning, strain and take one sip of it before and one sip after each meal. That makes 6 sips a day, more should not be taken."

One has to use a bit of intelligence when drinking herb teas. These plants are so powerful that often 'less is more'. We humans tend to overdo everything. If we take sugar, it is too much sugar. If we take salt, it is too much salt. I have learned to space herb teas throughout the day drinking water in between the teas. If I have one cup Wormwood, one cup Oregano and one cup Marigold, I will drink a cup of water an hour after each tea and I will choose which tea I want to drink in the morning, which in the afternoon and which in the evening. That works for me. If I feel sick when parasites or bacteria get killed then I mostly drink water to wash it all through.

It is important to understand that parasites and bacteria bleed out toxins when they die and when the chemical substance they are made of wash back into the body. One can feel pretty sick until that stuff is cleaned out. Fresh juices are another way to clean out. Also the bitter herb teas have to be drunk without sugar or honey to be effective. I like the bitter taste, some people don't like it. I am sure the parasites don't like it either.

I have also used ESSIAC and Hemp Leaf Tea (another bitter tea), but I have not tested out Hemp oil. I wonder if it has a similar effect to grapefruit seed extract? That is my future Alchemy project. In the initial success stages I am using Calendula tea, Wormwood tea and Oregano tea as a backup to the grapefruit seed extract - and after 24 hours there is no mold growing on the brown rice sprouts. The rice may not sprout, because of the vinegar. At least I am finding out that the fungus and mold do not sprout either.

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