Monday, June 11, 2007

Allergies Or Candida?

I have read so much material on allergies, cancer, aids, environmental illness and candida that I need to take a brain detox. The overall picture I get is that there is an undefined and little understood relationship with: Yeast, bacteria, molds, fungi, candida, microbes, aflatoxin and human disease. Just to give a superficial rundown candida can cause life threatening infections in hospitals, relating to treatement and surgery. Key words: candida infections in surgery; candida hospital infections; candida hospitals; candida superbug.

The next thing I discovered during my research is the symbiotic relationship Candida Albicans seems to have with cancer and HIV Aids, apart from its relationship to allergies, environmental illness, bowl problems and chronic fatigue syndrome, to name but a few. This is because of the nature of yeast cells, the nature of fungus and mold; not as a 'superbug', not to be demonised as a 'deadly disease' or a 'monster illness' (although it is a little monster). The issue with candida is that its growth is related to recycling waste, and is related to the transformation of matter on a cellular level. In my opinion returning matter to its quantum particle state. The problem for humans is that candida is not supposed to become active and break us down while we are 'alive'.

The way I see it, is that the end times disassembling of the cells is activated inside a living organism in the form of a candida uprising. The body is signalling that the electromagnetic field is to be maintained (as we are still alive), but candida is becoming active in its role of digesting matter. To go right to the heart of what that could be, I am of the opinion that electromagnetic frequencies signal the activation of the dissolution of the cells. That can also be due to high doses of antibiotics, as antibiotics are also a resonant frequency sending out an electric signal. Candida and mold can also be activated by electrical fields, electrical frequencies, microwave frequencies - probably in combination with other factors.

It may not be candida alone that makes the imbalance so dangerous. Other molds, yeast and fungus are probably also involved. Depending on the toxic combinations of the molds and fungi the chemistry released can be life threatening or can be a severe warning that something is wrong. I say this because, once molds and fungi start to grow and digest matter they create circumstances where layers of yeast activity form, and the depleted environment becomes supportive of the growth of life threatening bacterias and mold. They are not attacking us, this is a natural process that takes place when the conditions feeding disease are greater than the conditions feeding vitality and health.

With my simplistic Celtic way of looking at the inner and outer world, I wonder if there is a code behind all illness? A basic code, which nature follows to the letter. Inside this code is a key. A key to health or a key to the ending of life. The key could be Candida Albicans. Many people get upset at the draining circumstances of the battle to overcome this little monster. I take the view that in the darkest corner shines the brightest light. One can find a real gift of a diamond hidden in the darkest lump of clay, and this little ray of light with the biggest answer is Candida.

Such a little thing has such a devastating effect. How devastating? Does candida lead to serious diseases like cancer and HIV? To a collapse of organ functions and the collapse of the immune system? It seems to be one of those essential little elements you cannot eliminate. Chemotherapy has no effect on candida. In fact, the more one tries to get rid of it the more it returns with a vengence. However, candida behaves itself in the right environment.

But is candida the problem? Or is candida active when a vital living background resonant frequency begins to break down? The job of candida is to clean up when certain conditions prevail. What if bacteria, yeast, fungi and mold expand in the range of certain electrical frequencies? In this way you have a biological effect corresponding to the frequency and strength of electrical pulse fields. Some magnetic resonant fields would be beneficial to human well being, vitality and health, while other pulse frequencies may benefit mold and fungi, depressing the most important human immune system.

Not only the immune system is effected by Candida Albicans, the cellular nutritional balance is also drastically effected and that is why people get so sick. There comes a point where the cells are dehydrated and starving. I feel this is because the yeast, fungus, mold and bacteria are unlocking the cells. If you stop to think about it, this is what fungi, bacteria and mold are programmed to do. When they grow it is because their growth is part of the breaking down (digesting) of matter. If I have candida, yeast, mold and fungi growing and spreading throughout my body, what does that mean? I am taking that as an example.

Paid to keep silent
If I can figure this out without any funding, how come a trillions of dollar global medical system, with the most highly educated and intelligent people on planet earth (at this time), cannot uncover these basic and fundamental truths? Lets go back to the A-B-C basics of molecular science and molecular biology. When fungus has an environment to grow and spread, what does that mean? When mold does not have an environment to grow and spread would illness occur? Is there a background electromagnetic frequency that allows fungus to grow and another background electromagnetic frequency that inhibits mold and fungal growth? Oh! Sorry that is another branch of the great Hypocratic tree!