Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Finding The Elusive Candida Particle

Reading the Food Allergy section of this Blog, you may be left with the impression that Earth Changes has succumbed to a Candida Albicans overgrowth! This is my radio shack Hydron Particle Collidor alternative to finding the elusive Candida Particle. Although some people may accuse me of being despotic with regard to my relentless pursuit of this subject, in reality I am disbiotic.

Dysbiosis is a state of imbalance of intestinal bacterial flora. The healthy human intestine has some 3-400 specie of bacteria. These are mostly beneficial in a healthy person and essential for a range of activities. The intestines are also home to a small number of harmful bacteria, usually kept in check by an abundance of the beneficial bacteria. The balance is the important element. While the friendly ones predominate all is well and healthy, but imbalance allows the pathogenic (harmful) organisms to grow out of control. This crowds out the beneficial organisms.

Candida - An Overview
Candida is a scourge for many people. Until very recently there has been little recognition of Candida and even less offered by way of useful and permanent help to fight what, for many people is a condition which does quite literally ruin lives.

In simple terms , Candida in a healthy person is quite normal. When a person becomes Dysbiotic, (see Dysbiosis) Candida can morph to become a pathogenic (injurious) invasive fungus. This can come about as a result of overuse of antibiotics or steroids or in cases of severe stress on the body's defences.

Candida first grows in the gut, as a fungus, creating an environment which allows it to thrive at the expense of a number of important dietary functions. The synthesis and absorption of vitamins and minerals are prevented, the acidity of the intestine is increased and digestive enzyme production impaired. All these features allow Candida to establish itself in the intestines, while beginning to weaken the host due to the malabsorption of minerals and vitamins essential for a huge number of chemical processes in a healthy body. Have a look here to see if any of these relate to your own experiences. This would be an indication that your have damaged bacterial flora in your intestines. Candidafree.co.uk

Either there is mass incompetance within the health profession, or being disbiotic is so hard to detect that the medical sciences are blind to its existence. I mean, no one will deal with this. Or, if they HAVE to deal with it then the microscopes and tests are reluctantly trained on a PART of the human anatomy (a finger or a toe), which may or may not detect the elusive candida particle. It would appear that the candida particle is as elusive as the, what are CERN looking for again? The Higgs Particle! Well, the Large Hadron Collider will probably find the Higgs Particle faster than the medics will find the candida particle. When they do find the candida particle, the medics will say: "We think it is largely irrelevant in terms of medical science."

As a result, the most advanced and efficient way for me to detect the elusive candida particle is to spit saliva into a glass of water. "If you have a problem, you will see strings (like legs) traveling down into the water from the saliva floating on the top, or "cloudy" saliva will sink to the bottom of the glass, or cloudy specks will seem to be suspended in the water."

Hey! That's fine! My Scottish ancestors would be proud of me saving the global government a lot of money. The medical insurance companies could go bankrupt doing candida tests for the 80 to 90 percent of the population who like to hang out with the candida particle. A few hundred years after colonisation and the "civilisation" of the barbarian Celts, so what that we have come no further than spitting into a glass of water to get the answers we need! I wonder if there is a simpler Scottish Test for the Higgs particle? Maybe every doctors surgery should have a simple glass of water sitting on the desk?

At the same time we have to be sympathetic to those who have studied all their lives to realise their dreams and ambitions. Who wants to devote so much work and dedication to a career in Fungus where they sit all day and diagnose: Fungus, yeast, candida, mold, aflatoxin, yeast, candida, fungus, mycotoxin, mold... It is far more interesting to endlessly search for the elusive particle and never find it. That way you do your work and never get bored. Who wants to spend a lifetime healing people by treating fungus, mold and yeast overgrowth?

Effectively diagnosing and treating Candida Many physicians feel that yeast overgrowth causes a generalized suppression of the immune system. In other words, once the yeast gets the upper hand, it sets up a cycle that further suppresses the body's defenses. Interestingly, a recent Mayo Clinic study showed that most cases of chronic sinusitis seem to be associated with a reaction to yeast in the sinuses--something that holistic physicians have proposed for many years.