Friday, June 15, 2007

Back To The Basics

I think I am beginning to understand the mistakes we are making in not understanding the neture of what is happening to our own bodies. Substances that are good for killing yeast cells also cause the candida to form clumps, solidify or apparently thicken. This is basic chemistry, but it is so basic no one seems to be studying it.

I don't know? I wonder if we have become so specialised that understanding the basic (and very simple) nature of matter is 'boring'. I mean! Who wants to sit and study the effect certain substances have on yeast and mold cells? It would be like going back to 1 + 1 = 2, when you have already received the Nobel Prize for cosmic science. On a day to day level, if we don't understand the little basics then life gets very difficult when little mistakes are made.

Personally, I am happy to understand the A, B, C's. Maybe understand how certain combinations of elements cause yeast to go stringy and form clumps when they are killed (for example). How other elements or frequencies can alter that effect. Because if the body was supposed to form jello-cells then I think we would all be jelly fishes and not humans.

In todays world very simple things no longer matter. I sense that back to the basics is esential for a healthy community life. (to be continued...)