Saturday, June 09, 2007

Blue Magnetic Resonance

Today the lights went on in the newly discovered temple complex (of cellular transformation), and the answer is Blue Magnetic Resonance. The excavation of the new temple complex did not begin through bringing our own source of light, but began through the inner light source radiating from the walls of the ancient temple (the human bio-field). This is not a matter of 'Indigo children', but rather of the indigo-blue people already populating the earth. They have been here for some time - they are us, in our truest form.

The temple complex (the solution) activated itself and lit up the whole high resolution holograph of the transformation dilemma facing mankind. I say 'dilemma', because of the situation we now find ourselves in. The solution to all the problems we face in our world today is: RESONANCE. The core cellular frequency is: Blue Magnetic Resonance.

I thought I had discovered an ancient Egyptian temple dedicated to the resonant frequency of physical healing. That means, if you get sick the resonant frequencies repair and re-establish the cellular magnetic integrity of the human body. However, once the indigo-blue magnetic light resonance of the temple was activated the petroglyphs on the temple complex walls indicated one resonant solution for all problems facing mankind. Obviously so, because war and violence are a dis-ease. All disease begins and ends within, manifest and are healed from within.

The whole temple of man is lit from within through a mysterious indigo-blue magnetic light resonance. All other colour frequencies are secondary to that central light source.

The dilemma is that our current civilisation were to have discovered resonant frequency healing by the time we reached this point in our collective evolution, and those developments have been suppressed. The intitial resonant frequencies were discovered over fifty years ago, and the discoveries were hijacked and most of the work destroyed. These are the discoveries of Nikola Tesla, Royal Rife and Wilhelm Reich.

We have reached the point where the resonance frequency technology would help us, and we don't have it. It is not the case that this is when we are to develop this technology. We should already have it and we don't have it. The situation is similar to a world where 2008 arrives and the technological innovations of the Wright brothers are only just appearing. There has been no air travel and as a result we are only just getting started.

The blue magnetic resonance technology exist in the non physical realms of man's inner development, but they have not been brought out of that creative field and manifest on earth.

What this means is that we are all wandering around, struggling to maintain health, instead of having the frequency resonators and doing other things with our time. It is no accident that the water supplies are full of unfiltered drugs, pollutants and microbes while the resonance healing developments are being sabotaged and obstructed. Harmonic resonance can be used for agriculture, we would not need pesticides and drugs.

The harmonic resonance fields are not in place.
Our ancestors did not gather at the temples to worship gods, the people gathered to share the radiant frequencies of the harmonic resonance and heal physically while transforming inwardly, spiritually. Some would receive spiritual guidance which was then applied in their daily lives or not applied. When the ancient resonant fields collapsed we entered the ages of chaos.

During those ages of chaos it was up to us whether we applied the spiritual path, or succumed to the illusions of the physical matrix. When the ancient builders of the resonant fields returned (incarnated) their work was deliberately destroyed, and their discoveries hidden and suppressed.

Have you ever seen ants walking around and around the top of a glass until one of them figures out they are endlessly going in circles?

It means that the ants have to find endlessly going in circles intolerable and also realise that they are going nowhere fast. Only once that realisation occurs will the ants make a move in a different direction. Until then they keep following the sugar trail around and around, going nowhere.

The other direction is the blue magnetic resonance technology.