Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Five Essential Forms of Man

One small step for me, one small leap for mankind...

Food Fungus Test: Day Two
So far so good, but I only have a small part of the answer. I soaked half a cup of fungus-mold loving organic brown rice in a cup of water with two tablespoons of clear organic table vinegar, and I poured off the vinegar water after half an hour. I let the brown rice grains soak in pure water for four hours, after which I added the soaked grains to a sprouting tray and rinsed them in the morning.

I also tried an experiment with white organic basmati rice. I soaked half a cup of organic white rice in a cup of water with two tablespoons of clear organic table vinegar for 30 minutes. I then cooked the rice with onions, adding a teaspoon of the vinegar to the cooking water. I did not have an allergy reaction after eating the rice. But I did notice something interesting, although I don't yet know what it is I am observing.

This is like finding a lost underground complex at Karnak and you don't have the lights to explore the temple complex, and so you don't really know what you have found - you only know you have found something interesting. I reached the place I was looking for, but I cannot see the details of the unearthed complex. That might sound confusing to some people, but I know what I am talking about.

What I am realising is the opposite of how modern science views illness. I do the same. We always assume we are dealing with one event when someone gets sick. It's the kidneys and so you drink kidney tea. It's the stomach and so you drink stomach tea. The problem is, that with my fungus experiment I am observing layered reactions as though the body is dealing with many-levels of what I can only describe as 'dis-resonance'. But they are all packed in together as though they are one event. This is very difficult to explain.

The only way to explain it in old world (past life) terminology is that the human is made of five layers, five interrelating layers that form many other forms and layers. The five essential (basic) layers are what forms (sustains) all the other branches that hold us together. I don't really know what I am talking about, because I don't have the lights needed to explore the new found temple. I am able to see part of the architecture (the part at the entrance lit by the sunlight).

When people get 'sick' it has something to do with dis-resonance in the essential compatability of all five layers. This can probably be proven at a molecular level. In my mind, the way I see it as an artist, something interferes with the five levels resonance. It is like putting a spanner in the works. We describe those spanners as virus, bacteria and toxins. I would ask myself, what is disrupting the overall resonance of the five elements? Or what can humans do to bring the resonance together, because when it is together we are 'healthy', and when it falls apart we are 'sick'.

In the future people probably walk into a sound or light frequency chamber and the chamber cleans the cells. It zapps the bacteria, parasites, viruses and toxins. We don't have that yet and any attempts to create this have been ridiculed and suppressed. If the body does not maintain its resonance no amount of herbs, or medicine, or care will do it from outside. The hidden temple at Karnak is probably a frequency resonance oscillator.