Sunday, June 17, 2007

Celtic Infrared Therapy

No one is going to believe this... This is the wierdest thing I have ever seen. Maybe I have to turn my IKEA wardrobe into an Infrared Cabin? Only kidding... maybe!

I was reading about the Infrared technology and I suddenly realised that I have a small Infrared heater. I bought the heater at the end of 2005, because I did not use the underfloor heating and I did not like the in-built heater. I found a new type of ceramic element heater with two bars that heated using Infrared.

In the winter the heater heats the room like no other form of electric heater. It is highly efficient and it does not heat the air in the way other electric heaters do. I read the information about the new Infrared technology and I just pulled my heater out of the hall cupboard, and I began to wonder if it might help with the fungus mold allergy and the swelling caused by my body cleaning out.

The Kefir recipe I created seems to be working. I eat one third of a jar three times a day and together with the colon cleanse it does seem to be healing my intestines and also cleaning up the toxic effect of the yeast, bacteria, mycotoxins and the mold allergy.

The strange thing is that early in April 2007, I had a funny reaction to the ceramic heater that really puzzled me at the time. We had a very warm spring where I did not need to use the heater, but in April the temperature suddenly dropped for seven or eight days where I had to bring the heater out again to use in the evening.

The strange thing is that I could not tolerate to have it on. I had never reacted like that before. I always have the heater far away from me, on the other side of the room. Even there it was irritating me to have it on longer than ten minutes. I would start to sweat profusely and feel dizzy and uncomfortable. I would really heat up from inside like a sauna effect.

This was the time when I was beginning to have severe allergy reactions to food, which I later figured out was actually to the mold and fungus in the food. That was the candida reaction. I could not tolerate the Infrared heater to be switched on, no matter how far away it was.

I just got out the heater (middle of summer) and I tested out my theory that it might also help with the candida fungus overgrowth, while drinking lots of water to make sure I dont have a kill off reaction. This is the part no one will believe.

At no point was I too close to the heater that I would begin to heat up. I used it a bit like a sunlamp (although I have never actually used a sun lamp). Before I tested the Infrared heater, I was having a cleaning out reaction to the Kefir. All the tendons connecting the hips to the sacrum were inflamed. I could not go onto the mini trampoline to run and exercise. It was painful to sit in front of the heater.

As I clean out the funny reactions move around the body, and the only alternative is to wait until it has gone. After fifteen minutes in front of the ceramic Infrared heater the pain was completely gone. To find out if this was for real I ran on the mini trampoline for ten minutes to see if the pain would come back. It did not come back and I was able to run on that trampoline as normal.

That was not the only reaction. A spotty red rash appeared on both my forearms, just from warming the rest of my body. I have never had a funny rash like that one. Then the skin on the knuckles of both hands turned bright red and began to itch. I never had that happen before either. They still look like they have a little bit of acid in the skin. If I have a skin allergy reaction in the future I may try the Infrared to see if it helps. Did the yeast react to (is destroyed by) the Infrared heat?

Then a reaction spot I have on my wrists turned into soft blisters, went bright red and are now slowly fading without itching and without any irritation. The pressure that sometimes comes into the eyes depending on what the fungus is doing has receded completely. However, I am being cautious, and I am going to test this out a little bit at a time. I can now read, without my pinhole glasses: "Good morning! We don't want any adventures here, thank you!"