Sunday, June 03, 2007

China Dumps Industrial Waste Into Food

I wonder if people are realising how serious this is? Probably not!

Chinese have found a DEADLY, NEFARIOUS use for what was once industrial "waste."

As David Barboza has reported, what he has been describing has been a waste product created in melamine monomer production (not production of the melamine resin that is used in making plates and such). What this reference demonstrates is that a mixture of melamine monomer, cyanuric acid, ammelide, ammeline (and trace elements) is a known waste product of melamine monomer production where the waste water is crystallized before being released. These are exactly the same chemicals found in the crystals in contaminated ingredients and in the animals themselves per Guelph, et al.

They are dumping the industrial waste from melamine production into the protein concentrates and that explains why it is so cheap. It had no known use before this. Daily Kos

How Safe Are Our Vitamins?
Here's what stuck out to me, "Currently, most of the world's vitamins are manufactured in China. Unable to compete, the last U.S. plant making vitamin C closed a year ago. One of Europe's largest citric acid plants shut last winter, and only one vitamin C manufacturer operates in the West."

The rest of the article explains that there is no oversight of the food ingredients and vitamins coming into this country from China at the level where you'd detect poisons like lead, pesticides, and other toxic chemicals. We know that these are a huge issue with Chinese products destined for human consumption because there's a long history of Chinese people being poisoned by the products of the same manufacturers who are now selling their products to the rest of the world. Pet Poison Vitamins