Saturday, January 22, 2005

End Of Times?

"Everyone is criticizing and belittling the times. Yet I think that our times, like all times, are very good times, if only we know what to do with them."
Ralph Waldo Emerson

There are many recent signs and portents on the positive side. On August 20, 1994, a white buffalo was born on a farm in Janesville, Wisconsin, fulfilling ancient predictions of many Native Americans tribes that peace will come to men of all colors when the white buffalo returns. As a white buffalo matures, it's hair changes colors, becoming yellow, brown and black - the colors of all human races - before becoming white again.
After Native Americans started showing up on his farm to see the little buffalo, the astonished farmer named her "Miracle". Miracle has now gone through all of her color changes and is white again, fulfilling the prophecy. The birth of a white tiger in Thailand in 1994 fulfilled an oriental prophecy of world peace - and the tiny tiger was named Peace. A white whale was sighted off the coast of Australia, fulfilling an Aboriginal prophecy of peace.
Interestingly, all of these animals appeared in the same year, 1994, which may have been the real year 2000 of the Christian era.
Silent Navigators
We have been warning people of Earth Changes for many years -- NOT because the future is "set in stone", but because much of what is to come can be avoided.
Obviously if human societies worldwide continue to destroy the earth environment, then we will reap the consequences of our own behaviour. And yet, for every human being who turns to listen to nature, the trees and their Ancestors there is a new wave created that is not embedded in negativity, critisizing and self dis-empowerment. The programming in the negative is heavy, and yet all we need do is IGNORE IT and do our own thing.
How can any group rejoice at destruction? What kind of human being can be self-righteous about mass deaths and suffering? I - personally - have had enough of this mass negativity sweeping the web. I now tell people not to send me negative emails announcing or justifying "the violent destruction and end of the world". Strangely these people are like parasites -- as they then reply: "Oh! I don't want to take you off my list."
Why do they not want to take me off their programming lists? Because they are bombarding our minds with their twisted reality! So, I just "click & delete".
The Invisible world warned me over many months of the coming: "Big one!" But the Guides have a strange way of teaching. First they showed me that their warnings are accurate, and now they are showing me a way to act with my mind, with my heart and with my Spirit -- To Heal.
I have seen their warnings form into this 3D world, and I know that their Guidance of Spirit will be just as accurate. They are saying: We can -- with our Minds -- change this reality.
What that means is that our heartfelt interaction with nature, the mountains and the trees, will counteract a potentially DESTRUCTIVE series of events.
What the Guides mean is that nations may go to war, but they will not succeed if the mind of man refuses all wars. By succeed, I mean creating a lasting Tyrrany -- Tyr "The God of War". They may go to war, but they will be impotent in their future goals and much later others will work to heal the fractures.
So, lets be positive, enduring in our intent and focus. Let us be Silent Navigators of Peace. Let us be an expression of Joy on this world. Let us be the Sky Dolphins walking among man, teaching Guardianship, Love and Enduring Peace.

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