Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Return of The Celtic Equinox: 2014

For thousands of years we have served man, and lovingly served the masculine force. Who are we? I write these words for my silent brothers and sisters of the earth: the plant world, the trees, the rivers and the fish. We are the elven beings, spirit energies, divas and faeries. We are the feminine force on this planet, balanced in harmony with the male.

If the male is happy alone and isolated in his world, and if everything works without us (feminine force) this is a good thing. However, if isolation in the male force destroys our creativity, perhaps it is not a good thing.

Respect the feminine. Everything you use in the background is my world. The invisible forces, the birds, mountains and valleys, deserts and oceans is our whole world IN THE BACKGROUND.

Maybe I (we) cannot just be in the background anymore. Maybe there is a process in my world that has nothing to do with the male ego. A process that means we are no longer in the background serving without recognition. Everything we did was BACKGROUND work and they want us to stay back there. Because if we show our own unique contribution, the power and the beauty will be the new and lasting power on earth.

Part of the struggle on earth now is to keep us in the background. To hide our contribution - representing the feminine, representing the Female Force. The return of the Celtic Equinox is about the return of my people. We honour and respect woman, the earth, all creatures, plants and trees. We honour the rivers, oceans and lakes. We honour the feminine in ourselves, and that is why we are balanced.

We are the background people, the Vedic spirits, leprechauns, quarks and muons. We are the visible and invisible particles making up the greater mass of your experience on the earth. We are volatile and stable, we are predictable and unpredictable, destruction and transformation -- and we are part of you.

The coming 2012 transition is about change in the structure of atoms and particles. Shiva is dancing, because the man/woman is returning to his/her balance. The balance with all mystery, cosmos, little people, the earth's creatures - with the love particle and the feminine particle. Inner balance of heart and mind.

I do not emerge from THE BACKGROUND on my OWN. I am part of a lost family of beings, energies, geometry, mysteries, creatures, civilisations, dimensions and much much more. Why do you struggle to create Free Energy? Your whole planet was once covered in such wonders of technology. You struggle because you have isolated yourself from THE BACKGROUND. The ego, enshrouded in superior robes of its male archetype, walks in isolation. Both man and woman wear this mask on earth today.

To maintain its separation the male (ego) has to be aggressive, cruel, self-serving, manipulative, cunning, deceptive. It has to pretend that the background source is the lesser force and the (ego)archetype is the prime creation.

I am free at last. Free from your laws and regulations. Free from your theories and restrictions. Free from your desires and expectations. I am the ancient force you always sought but could not see. I am yourself - in it's original form.