Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Spirit World Tsunami 2010 - 2013

There is a blind tendency to write that we are going through a powerful planetary transition, and that things are elevating in new ways .. that mankind is entering a new age, as though this process - similar to growing a rose garden in a desert - is natural. For those with the eyes of Spirit, for those able to see the invisible realms and understand what they are seeing, who we are, how we live .. the wave process passing through the Earth is both physical and spirit energy.

The March 2009 Equinox sent signs of two worlds. The two worlds I saw never meet. They have nothing in common. One world is THE EQUINOX, mysterious, powerful, alluring and enigmatic. The other world is the service-to-self 3D world of man. At odds with the real world, in conflict with reality and afraid of the unknown.

I cannot prove that what I see and write is real. Only when people live through this cycle and look back do they say: Now I understand. This is what is about to happen. People will get caught up in the tsunami, they will experience it, they will be affected by it and then they will understand the other world is real. The other world affects 3D reality.

Humans have created and worked with technology, and now computers, without realising that the phenomenon is alive. As primitive as it is [on Earth today] technology is alive, and is connected to the paranormal field of the earth in simplistic and primitive ways. This is why paranormal forces can affect our energy generated technology, and why these paranormal (energy)forces can be picked up electronically.

Electricity and electronic equipment are level one intrusions into the paranormal background force that interact with life on this planet. The mystery and synergy of a growing rose, of trees, ocean currents and climate patterns are living biotech forms, springing to life from a subtle but powerful living holographic energy field. Man's technology is based on this principle, as primitive as it now is.

Spirit World Tsunami 2010 - 2013
The process sweeping through the Earth is no different than cherry blossoms on every branch of the tree of life, or is no different than the powerful ocean current cycles. This process will happen whether humans like it or not. Human presence is irrelevant to the sweeping changes.

These natural spirit world equinox cycles are relevant to humans, and will affect human behaviour, in the same way electricity effects a light bulb .. in the same way life force effects growth of a seed, a plant or a tree.

In March 2009 we are on the outer edge of a spirit world tsunami. We can see and feel the swell. By March 2010 the first invisible wave will have crashed onto the shores of our world. The mysterious process of the energy tsunami will increase and recede until March 2013.

The March 2009 Equinox is the first swell of this Earth changing process. The March 2010 Equinox is the first devastating wave of the tsunami hitting the physical shore on which mankind has build his existence. The spirit world tsunami will first hit the spirit world, the invisible world, the psychic world, the emotional and then physical world.

This is a very powerful wave...

The passage of the wave will push and create turbulence in the electronic and electro-magnetic fields of the Earth. The disruption will be seen and felt across the whole spectrum of our existence. Change will not come from the force. Change will come from how mankind responds to the force.

Islands of light are not physical zones, they are the resource we carry inside us: The Psychic. What is psychic? It is pure, uncorrupted sexual life force. This is why the Taoist Masters taught their students to understand the force within.

Between March 2011 to March 2012 the unseen inner changes will already have germinated inside the inner psychic soil of man. Small little seeds, just under the surface soil and litter of leaves on the forest floor. The fallen leaves represent thousands of years nourishing the the soul directly from the tree of life. Those little seeds germinating under the deep carpet of leaves are .. ourselves.

The 2013 March Equinox is the last moment of the receding wave, where humanity will look around and realise they have been moved from the shore on which they had built their previous existence.

What the Ancients call: A New Beginning.

These are the facts, no matter what we think or imagine. As a SEER, I write what I am shown. That is my work: to convey another reality into this reality ahead of the coming convergence.