Friday, March 27, 2009

Composite 27 - The Spirit Particle

One aspect I will reveal in my new book: EarthBrother - is the composite character of our current existence. Humans on earth today are not singular, they are composite beings.

Inside the energy shell of the human are colourful butterfly spirits. The spirit aspects have gathered power from other lives, and throughout each incarnation all inner aspects have the ability to work together in the immediate life to complete a process of becoming one. That is how it has been for thousands of years.

Cooperation enlightens. Division and inner conflict destroy.

One inner aspect stands at the center of the eternal fire (life) that is you, and they have to be able to bring the other aspects to merge and work together, until no one stands at the center of the eternal fire.

The fire aspect works with all other inner aspects who have various creative abilities, traumas and fears. You are PART of an inner TEAM - working together across the bridge of time. The designer of your own existence.

It can be that one DOMINANT aspect takes over and controls the others. On earth today this is usually what happens. When this happens the human being lives out their life in inner conflict, divided, uncertain and moving without cohesion. We see this inner division reflected in all aspects of life on earth today.

Dominant aspects do not gather energy to them, they destroy cohesion. Dominant aspects are not creative, they destroy creativity. For a sensitive, this is not a good place to invest your life savings (Chi life force), because the nature of fear is to dissipate and weaken. Astral frequencies are full of parasitic fragments released during the process of physical death. These are ego fragments, the ghosts of our failure to integrate the essence of our existence.

From 2009 until 2021 those of you still on earth over the next 22 years will see the effect on the human psyche from a deeper cleansing of the astral layer just outside physical human consciousness. A sensitive capable of creating inner harmonic convergence within the energy egg, will begin to understand the true nature of their journey throughout cosmos.