Wednesday, March 25, 2009

EarthBrother - Crystal-Tor

My third book Crystal-Tor, by Zen Su, will be an introduction into the mysterious world of Time Travel. That is my work, that is why I came to this Earth. This is what I love to do when I have time to do my own work.

For the first 50 years of my life, as a woman, I nourished the outer world of my family and my friends. Devoting my time and energies to their welfare, empowering them with my creativity, trust and support.

The 2009 March Equinox has signalled a change. Not only for myself, but for the whole Earth.

I (myself) and the invisible and mysterious forces who have worked with and supported our Earth journey will no longer stay in the background. The feminine, the sea creatures in the oceans, the native peoples, animals, trees, mountains, rivers and birds will retain their manifestation as an essential background force. But no longer stay in the background.

Everything you see around you: our societies, architecture, economy, transport, energy, food production and cultural developments are exclusively the out-of-balance MALE. These are all singular masculine forces at work in shaping our collective Earth experience. These masculine forces are now extremely out of balance.

It is time for the collective human being to get back into balance. Therefore, the Feminine is re-emerging out of the background chaos, coming into the foreground to co-operate with her EarthBrother.

Orgone Dream Codex and Time Travel Cohesion are more an introduction to understanding and using the force. Out of one's own unique understanding of the mystery you can paint, draw pictures, design, create, write, create videos, enjoy life, discover solutions and live one's life. The third book, Crystal Tor, is an attempt to show (in story form) the reality of independent time travel. Essentially, the origins of ourselves across the ages.

The secular male will build and use time travel technology that will reshape our world and the way humans view reality; but this is not what Crystal Tor is about.

There is a more advanced cultural interaction taking place with ourselves across the bridge of space-time. Humanity is now entering a period where they begin to learn and understand that they ARE the technology, the navigator is the human mind.

In the future we do design and use technology to bridge time and space. To interact with our past and with our future. More important than that humans develop time travel technology as an extension of their minds. Our advanced technologies (in the future) are not separate from the shift in consciousness that redesigns the mind of man. As Jiddu Krishnamurti said: "The future is now."

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