Thursday, March 26, 2009

Knowing Oneself: 2014 - 2033

Thought is caught in the pattern triggered by repeating old behaviour (memory/knowledge). The mind only sees clearly when you step back and pay attention and create space to see yourself as you are. If you observe carefully - the relationship is always with .. yourself.

Ones relationship is not really with the tree or with the other person. For some reason that is the way it has been set up in this universe. When individuals discover another world-frequency where relationship is with the universe - it blows their mind and they say: "My heart was opened."

This state of 'universal love' is so different from what we experience on Earth that people call the other state a profound or religious experience. It is neither profound nor religious... It is simply another state, one not common to our levels of understanding, as Spock would say! [Star Trek]

Thought makes our relationship with ourselves into something else, moving the relationship outside and taking us away from the fact. To understand the process of thought there has to be silent awareness. Not all the noise and activity of the fragmented brain/mind.

Thought is moving the mind away from relationship with oneself. This is why we do not know who we are. Energy is required and thought - with its divided personality - drains that energy. Thought is hooked into the Taoist sexual life force. Similar to the way a parasite hooks into the host body or a worm infects a computer. Then, in the background all the problems begin as the 'Trojan' interferes with and rewrites the system files of the operating system = your brain.

What does thought do? Your thoughts keep you from seeing yourself. You do not pay attention to the inner, you look outside. When you are with the trees you imagine you are having a relationship with the beauty around you. When you are with people you imagine you are having a relationship with that outside of you. Thought keeps you focused on the outer event and you feel and act like a beggar. You need people who interact with your patterns, to stimulate the hidden Trojan or to activate the worm. This program is what people call: The Matrix.

Knowing Oneself: 2014 - 2033
All this activity of the fragmented mind is soon about to end. Human beings will not end it, because they do not have the energy to end it. Mankind has become a slave to the Trojan, the ghost-within-the-machine. The universal backup system cycle will switch on and do an internal sweep. This cleansing program will run from 2010 to 2013. By the March Equinox 2014 a new operating system will be rebooted on planet Earth.

Human beings are spirit walking through mass. Over tens of thousands of years the mass (operating system) has recorded all the files and all the blue screens - adding a few glitches and too much saved memory. The hard drive is full. Thought is lost in its own maze. The intelligence within the machine (spirit-biotech) the heart, has been disconnected by thought. The trojan-ego fought to bypass heart intelligence allowing the Hal 9000 Computer to take over all life-processes.

From the Spring Equinox 2014 to the Spring Equinox 2033, the human mind will reconnect with the intelligent heart and mankind will complete a system-rerun. A radical system cleanse out of which all parasitic worms and Trojans will be removed from the system - placed in the virus vault and deleted from the operating system. Leaving mankind with a clear view ahead.